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Three Things on a Thursday at the Tail End of January

Join me in welcoming the Tail End of January (the month that seems to never end).


(My neighborhood - totally suburban - used to be a farm.  We still have a barn.  Right down the street from my house!)

Three things on this Thursday:

  1. It's time to sign up again for A Month of Letters.  Take the challenge!  Send something (letter, card, postcard) by regular mail every day during February.  This will be my third year.  Try it!  It's a fun way to make your way through the month.  (And sending Valentines makes it easy.)
  2. Join me February 2 (this Sunday) for a Silent Poetry Reading.  While I don't know if this is A Thing anymore, it will always be A Thing for me.
  3. My god!  January is a long month, isn't it?  (Just one terribly long slog. . .)

Enjoy your Thursday.  (It's almost Friday.  And February is right around the corner.)




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I think January has been twice as long as usual this year!


Long...even this morning it was 4 degrees. Come. On. Month of letters...stamps bought! ;-)


I'm in for Month of Letters again too. Really hoping to get back into a regular "real mail" routine. And surprisingly, I've really enjoyed January. Well not the cold and the snow, but the warmth inside, new beginnings and yes, it has seemed long, but that's been good for me. (I still have things to do before February starts!) Have you made your selection for Sunday?

Bridget Clancy

Everyone always complains about February, but I like February - it's short, and it has both a holiday and Valentine's Day. Whereas, January goes on forever. Christmas is over, and there are 31 loooonnnng days ...


The Month of Letters is intriguing. I really should do it. I love mail. Maybe if I generate some I'll get some back. :)


I was thinking about the letter writing the other day. Not sure I know enough people to actually do it, though. *L*


A terribly long slog especially when it's full of snow (in your case) or inversion (as in mine). I'm looking forward to MoL, too! It's also my 3rd year and I've been making plans. Thank you for the remind on the silent poetry reading. ONE.MORE.DAY!


Barns like that are a vanishing breed, having been replaced by cheaper metal buildings. The Smithsonian had a traveling photographic show a few years ago about the American barn. At the time I thought it was kind of silly -- barns? srsly? -- but since then I have seen enough barns like yours falling down and being disassembled that I realize the trend.

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