One Little Word . . . 2014
Right Now . . . January 2014

Three Things on a Thursday at the Tail End of January

Join me in welcoming the Tail End of January (the month that seems to never end).


(My neighborhood - totally suburban - used to be a farm.  We still have a barn.  Right down the street from my house!)

Three things on this Thursday:

  1. It's time to sign up again for A Month of Letters.  Take the challenge!  Send something (letter, card, postcard) by regular mail every day during February.  This will be my third year.  Try it!  It's a fun way to make your way through the month.  (And sending Valentines makes it easy.)
  2. Join me February 2 (this Sunday) for a Silent Poetry Reading.  While I don't know if this is A Thing anymore, it will always be A Thing for me.
  3. My god!  January is a long month, isn't it?  (Just one terribly long slog. . .)

Enjoy your Thursday.  (It's almost Friday.  And February is right around the corner.)