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Serendipity Snaps

Serendipity . . . a happy accident.

I love those chance encounters with wild things out in the world.  Whether it's just the birds and bees and butterflies and other small woodland creatures I find in my garden, or more rare sightings out in my neighborhood or up north, I always consider a wildlife sighting a special treat.

And when I happen to have a camera around, why . . . that's serendipity! 

Like last year in mid-June, this guy came along and devoured my crop of dill in less than 24 short hours.  We found him in the midst of our wild, family Father's Day croquet tournament.  Snap!


On a cool summer day, Tom and I were taking pictures of one of my knitting projects (this one).  We discovered that yellow swallowtail butterflies were snacking in my garden.  Snap!


As you probably remember, I took lots of photos of the Mason bee house I keep in my garden.  One day, as I was shooting the bees, I noticed some heavy duty flitting out of the corner of my eye.  I thought it was a hummingbird, but it was this little guy.  (He looks and flies just like a hummingbird, but is really a moth!) Snap!


We see loons all the time up north at our cottage -- but it's always difficult to get a good camera shot of them because they dive and re-surface at the most unexpected moments.  I was lucky this summer when a loon surfaced - for just a moment - near my kayak . . . and luckier still that my camera was ready.  Snap!


Just before Christmas, we had an impressive ice storm.  I went out with my camera to get some shots of the ice on the trees.  I was busy taking my tree shots, when I noticed some movement lower in the branches . . . and found this bluebird hopping along, right there beside the road.  Snap!


And later that same morning, I stopped to take some photos of Portage Creek, framed by icy trees.  When I turned around, I found several deer . . . watching me.  Snap!


Pure serendipity!