Three Things on a Thursday at the Tail End of January

Right Now . . . January 2014

I'm so glad to see January come to an end!  It's always such a long, long month.


Here's what's happening in my world . . .  Right Now.

Watching . . . Sherlock on TV.  Movies at the theater.  Winter out my windows.  (True confession:  I've completely lost my Downton Abbey mojo.  Not caring what happens with Lady Mary or the Bates marriage at all.)

Reading . . . Just finished The Flamethrowers by Rachel Kushner and, let me tell you, it was a rambling mess!  I can't figure out why I continued through the bitter end (I blame January), but I did. (It was awful.)  Now I'm reading The Man in The Window by Jon Cohen, which is a breath of fresh air and just what I needed.  (Thanks, Carole.)  I recently finished The Aviator's Wife (Melanie Benjamin), which was interesting . . . and that led me to re-read Gift of the Sea, which is always good food for thought.  I also recently read The Spinning Heart -- which was wonderful (although I would guess . . . not to everyone's taste).


Knitting . . . Oh, the knitting.  I'm nearing the end on two projects .  This hat (a total Pain in the Ass -- AND it looks like it might be a big too big, which is always a drag), and this wrap/poncho thing (which is, basically, cast on 110 stitches and stockinette til the end of time).  (I'm ready for a new project.)

Listening to . . . Justin Timberlake . . . the 20/20 Experiment.

Dreading . . . Needing to replace one of my team members at work.  She announced her departure just yesterday (for love AND money I might add), and although I wish her all the best, I'm feeling sorry for myself.

Planning . . . A trip!  My sister and I just made reservations for a trip to Italy.  It's a long, long way off still -- but just the thought of the trip will get us through the most dreary winter days.  (It's too far off to get too excited, but I will say this . . . cooking class in Tuscany!)


Humming . . . Mean Mr. Mustard.  This has been going on for over a week now . . . always shouts out something obscene. . .

Drinking . . . Bells Two-Hearted (I just love a nice, hoppy IPA. . .)


Itching to . . . Plant something.  Pull weeds.  Harvest fresh herbs.  Dig in the dirt.  (Although, at this point, I'd settle for just Seeing Grass.)

Needing to . . . Ship a couple of packages.  They're all packed and ready to go.  But they're big and bulky and I keep putting it off.

Organizing . . . Shelves and drawers and cubby holes.  But not all at once.  I'm trying to tackle one small space each day -- and, so far, it's working!


Delighted by . . . More light and more sunshine!  Now that Lake Michigan is nearly frozen over, it means that here on the eastern shore, we will get more sun.  (It'll be colder, too, without the insulation of water.  I'm trying not to think about that, though.)

Inspired by . . . POSSIBILITY.

How about YOU?  What's going on for you. . . right now?


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After several months of knitting discipline--finishing UFO's, making some gifts, etc. the startitis bug has bitten! Yikes! For some reason, your post today made me think of Thoreau's description of life in winter--it's so hopeful!


Cooking class in Tuscany?? Can't wait to hear about it!
Love the tulips. And I'm also loving the longer days...more light. Thank goodness!


I'm glad to hear you enjoyed reading The Spinning Heart, it is on my list of books to read. I am currently reading The Luminaries, it is not a fast read, but I am enjoying it on these dreary winter days. Your Italy trip sounds like fun!


Ditto on the Downtown mojo! It just got too whacked out and bizarre, and I missed the quirky. Haven't watched a single episode this season (and don't even record them!).

OMG, TUSCANY! COOKING IN TUSCANY!! When? That's going to be SO MUCH FUN! Oh, how I love savoring and planning a vacation, I'm revving up for the Scottish Highlands in May... and maybe a wool festival!

I am loving the brighter and longer... minute by minute... days! I find February hard to take than January, so here's to its quick run. *clink* (with glasses full of the hoppy IPA)

Happy Weekend!


Going to Italy is a dream of mine. I'll live it through your trip when it happens. Cooking much fun.

February's longer days are going to be welcome, although they are usually colder.

Spinning Heart is next on my iPod. I'm this >< close to finishing Gold Finch, which I like. It's a page turner, for sure.


Watching: Angel (the Buffy the Vampire spinoff series), which may actually be better than Buffy (probably because I don't like Buffy as character and she is happily absent from Angel with the exception of the occasional cameo). Puella Magi Madoka Magica (it's a Japanese anime, don't judge) which is beautifully drawn, has stunning music, and is actually quite cerebral and well-written.
Reading: The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. It's the sequel to one of my favorites, but it's having a very slow (like nearly on page 400 already slow) start.

Listening to: Chevelle. Found them on my i-pod randomly. No idea how they got there. But I like them, so I'm okay with this.


I have been watching the new Sherlock season. The first episode was so strange and over the top I couldn't even describe it to Smokey when he asked. The second one, also too strange. Hoping the third is more to my taste. Still absorbed in Downton Abbey.

I picked up The Flamethrowers off my TBR pile a couple days ago, but put it back -- I had just read two books back to back that were about 20-somethings and I couldn't stand another one so soon. Maybe I won't bother to pick it up again at all.

Cooking in Tuscany?! I cannot imagine a better place to cut and chop and simmer and saute and season. In fact, I am salivating just thinking about it.


I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who procrastinates mailing packages. I hates it. Glad you're enjoying The Man in the Window. I'm having a book club at my house next week to discuss it, maybe we should Skype you in! And yes, bring on spring. Please? Also, jealous of Italy.


HUGE grin on my face to find this post in my reader tonight (really, it's not just the glass of wine...or the blog post I just finished!) ... so with you on Downton Abbey and Sherlock. Sherlock has been my favorite TV binge of 2014 (and this past weekend's episode with John's wedding has been my favorite of the entire series). Any recommendations for an audio book that's about 14 hours long? I'm going to be driving to spend time with my folks in a few days and I'd love the company of a good book. Happy February!

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