Year in Review: Playing in the Dirt
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If Wishes Were Horses. . .


My kids are at that life-stage where they're beginning to feel like grown-ups.  Not every day, but most of the time.  It makes me laugh when they lament those lost days of their childhoods . . . when they THOUGHT it would be so wonderful and easy to be a grown-up!  (Reality bites.)


Today, we're thinking about things that make us feel like a grown-up.  Here's what does it for me (and Tom; he helped me come up with this list):

  1. Cleaning up the gross stuff (you know . . . throw-up . . . doggy-diarrhea . . . dead bunnies trapped under the deck . . . decaying food in the back of the refrigerator. . .)
  2. Picking up the check (and being able to!)
  3. Managing all the important papers (and knowing where to find them when you need them).
  4. Making sure the doors are locked at night (and turning off the lights).
  5. Sitting at the head of the table (and carving the meat, too).
  6. Commanding the best-seat-in-the house (in the Alpha Recliner . . . WITH the remote control).
  7. Knowing how to make most standard home repairs. . .
  8. And having the necessary tools at hand . . .
  9. (And knowing who to call if you can't!)
  10. Using the same phrases your parents used to say* (those phrases you swore YOU'D NEVER SAY).

How about YOU?  What makes you feel like a grown-up?


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*  My mom used to say, "If wishes were horses we'd all take a ride!"  I felt I had graduated into true, full adulthood the first time I heard myself utter that phrase outloud.