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Have I Mentioned the SNOW?

We've had a lot of snow here this winter.


Like . . . 

a LOT of snow.


How much?  You ask.

This much!


Enough that Garden Buddha has disappeared.


So much that my garden bench is completely AWOL.


Enough to bury my Adirondack chairs.


And so much that Tom has had to clear a "landing pad" so the dogs can do their business, comfortably.  (Evidence included . . .)


It's a Winter Wonderland here.


(This street is part of my usual outdoor running course.  But not right now.  Probably not for a long time now, actually.)

And you know what?

There's MORE coming!*


Batten down the hatches!


I've had this flag hanging at my garden gate.


It's not there anymore.  I'm pretty sure it blew away over the weekend.  (Either that . . . or one of my neighbors tired of my message. . .)

* This morning, we woke to to EVEN MORE snow (and still snowing).  Imagine each of the photos above with about 6 more inches of snow.  Garden Buddha?  WHAT Garden Buddha? 


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Kind of jealous here! We've had some snow, nothing major and just bitter cold. Too cold to go out and nothing to play in. It all looks so pretty there!


We've had a good bit of snow, too, but between the frigid polar blasts there's actually been some melting. Hang in there!


You're going to be buried for a good long time! Hopefully it won't all melt at once. Your world looks, calm, one color, and beautiful.


It is so beautiful...and if you keep getting a little more, it stays that way. You probablyremember from your time in Colorado that our snow tends to go away very quickly in the intensity of the high altitude sun! The good news and the bad news?


Goodness! I wish there was a way we could share our very different weather conditions. I would joyfully part with some of our warm temps for your snowy ones.


Take down that damn sign! Wait - you said it's already gone and you're still getting more snow? Okay, maybe it's not the fault of the sign. Yikes, that's a lot of snow!


Oh my! What a lot of snow...what blizzard potential with the right winds. Uff. Winter can take a break any time now...


we are supposed to get snow here this afternoon (the first of the season). I have very mixed feelings about it - we don't get around very well in snow; the smart people stay off the roads. And of course I only want to stay home if it's by choice! What a winter!!


Looks exactly the same here. Even the piles of snow next to ordinary one-car driveways are head-high. The piles at the sides of parking lots are unbelievable.

But so, so beautiful is the winter wonderland. (btw, I am snowed in.)

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