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Adjusting: A Riff


  • I'm having a hard time.
  • I am feeling a bit . . . cranky.
  • Out of sorts.  
  • Definitely tired.  
  • Not really engaged.  With anything.
  • But I have So. Much. Work. to do.  
  • (So. Much.)
  • You know how some people indulge themselves with treats and food over the holiday season?
  • I indulged myself with . . . laziness.  Blowing off work around me.  Letting things pile up.  Going to movies.  Napping.  Reading for hours at a time.
  • And that felt pretty darn good.
  • Actually, it felt great.
  • Really great.
  • But now.  
  • Now I'm having a hard time adjusting.  
  • I don't want to have to Get Things Done right now.  I want to blow things off.  
  • All the things.  
  • Still.
  • (I also indulged myself with treats and food over the holiday season.)
  • What am I cranky about, you ask?  Let me count the ways . . .
  • January people.
  • Especially the ones cramming the locker room with their children taking swimming lessons. 
  • (It's just swimming lessons, people.  Not the Olympics.  Not . . . An Event.  Really.  Six-week session. Leave the Grandparents at home.)
  • And new running shoes that turn out to be defective.  Especially because they gave me a blister.
  • Because now I need to shop again.  And I have to do a Zappos return.  
  • (Free and easy, I know.  But hassle.)
  • Plus blister.
  • And Tabata Boot Camp.  
  • Yeah.  You get what you get when you try a fitness-related activity with the words "boot" and "camp" in the name.  
  • I know that.
  • It wasn't bad, actually. 
  • I even kind of liked it.
  • But whole new muscle groups are in agony and my legs feel like wood blocks.  
  • (It was the jumping intervals, I'm pretty sure.)
  • So now it hurts to walk.
  • And stand up.
  • And go up and down the stairs.
  • And reach over my head.  
  • (That must have been the tricep pushups.)
  • And budgets.
  • Actually, I like budgets.  
  • (It's the CPA in me.)
  • What I don't like is budgets right now.
  • And winter.
  • I generally like snow. 
  • I even like it best when it snows inches and inches (and feet).  All at once.
  • But I'm tiring of the cold.  And the ice.  And the dark.
  • What I'd really like to do . . . is curl up with a book . . . and some knitting.  Maybe a garden catalog or two.  And a drink of . . . something.
  • That would certainly help.
  • But it would probably be best if I just . . . suck it up.  
  • And adjust.


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We all adjust, but can't say it's ever any fun. Our instructor has been mixing things up a bit in class. I've wondered if she's trying to challenge the January people and see if they're up to sticking it out. Maybe they'll leave soon.
So tired, of the dark...come on sun!!


I've spent the last week feeling like I want to cry at everything...for no apparent reason! Must be the dark and the cold, etc. Suck it up slowly - taking time for the book and the glass of something. ;-)


I'm right there with you. I'm so over winter and work. And coats and boots and wind chill indexes. But I spose we need to be the grownups. Bah...let's just put it off for a day or two. ;)


Coming off the Christmas break has been especially rough this year, I concur. Wine helps, though. Just sayin.


what Carole said! I cannot believe it's been just three weeks since Christmas...feels like months. Hope things are looking brighter up there - or maybe the wine helped!


There is nothing quite so pleasant as curling up with a good book and the beverage of choice and blowing off responsibility. Trouble it, it can be habit-forming. (Don't ask how I know.)

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