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Throwback Thursday: From Deep in The Archives, a 2-Fer

To share this story, I had to dig deep into The Archives -- those photos pre-digital and stuck rather hapharzadly into an early scrapbook-style photo album.  With archival glue.  Never to be scanned.

But this story is worth it.  

It was Christmas Eve, 1996.  I was a worn-out, hassled Mom . . . looking for a way to take the edge off a Most Exciting Day for my kids.  (My kids got VERY excited about everything-Christmas, all season long.  But by Christmas Eve, we're talking Fever Pitch.)

I decided we'd bake some extra-special Santa cookies to leave for Santa Claus that night.

I made red and white batches of sugar cookie dough.

We rolled and shaped and decorated.

Little cookie girl

Erin (2nd grade) was VERY into the Santa cookie making.  Brian (preschool) lost interest in the blink of an eye.

In the end, the cookies were magnificent!


I piped on frosting for the beard and Santa-embellishment, and we left the cookies on the counter to "settle" while we went to church.

When we came back, I noticed that Tom (dear man!) had put the cookies away for me -- although one arm had fallen off and was still laying on the counter.

I got my near-frenzied kids into their jammies, ready to hang their stockings (with care!) and set out the cookies for Santa Himself.

Honey, where did you put the Santa cookies?

Blank stare.

Like . . . deer-in-the-headlights stare.

I thought YOU put them away!


Seems NOBODY put the Santa cookies away.

And that's when Jake . . . our dog . . . skulked in.


Seems JAKE . . . put the cookies away.

Leaving one little Santa arm behind.

Erin cried.

And that photo, above, was the closest any of us ever got to one of those magnificent Santa cookies!


While I was digging in The Archives, I also found a couple of photos from one of our very early gingerbread house decorating sessions.


Here's my Mom -- in 1997.  That year, she was teamed up with Brian -- who, in his Kindergarten-level zeal, stuck on the first piece of candy and collapsed her whole masterpiece!  (I decided to leave out the photo of my Mom's clenched-teeth smile as she assured him it was . . . Just fine, Brian.  Really.  Just FINE.)

And here's Erin (3rd grade) - my partner-in-gingerbread that year, putting the finishing touches on our house.


Christmas memories are such fun!


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Jake! And those kids are so damn cute. As are (were) the Santa cookies.


I still, to this day, remember those cookies. I still wonder what they would have tasted like.

Though, since Jake was such a wonder dog, I'm wondering if he knew they would be disappointing to eat after such excitement. He knew they couldn't live up to our expectations. So he ate them because he was such a good dog. Or maybe it was because that was when he was more a wonder puppy...and even wonder puppies have curiosity.

Either way, this whole post made me smile so widely that my face hurts in a very good way.

(I love that Brian is holding your hand in the first picture. It's so flippin' cute!)


Oh wow, this made me laugh!

We had a dog who once at an entire dish of Thin Mints that were left on the table. My mother kept blaming my father for it ...


Erin's comment is a perfect compliment to your post! Making cookies with your kids reminds me of the fun we had making cookies with my Mom. Christmas memories ARE fun!


That's a great story about the cookies. It wouldn't be nearly as interesting if it all had gone together as planned! Dixie once ate 3 pounds of cooked chicken off the kitchen counter - skin and bones and all. The conversation Dale and I had when I went into the kitchen to get the chicken was much like the one you and Tom had over the cookies.


I love that you have photos of everything. The camera in our house didn't have that close of a relationship with us!! ;)


Poor Santa cookies.


Those photos are wonderful! Memories are the things we make while we're trying to make it all perfect, right?


what a fun story! (stories!) I have a few years of photos in that same predicament...from just about those same years, I think!

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