Throwback Thursday: A Christmas from Long, Long Ago
The Payoff

Just Like Me in Five Easy Steps

Last week, I was waiting for my manicure appointment, and my "nail gal" was running late.  The receptionist at the salon brought me a cup of tea . . . and the latest issue of Glamour magazine.


Now, I don't know about you all, but I haven't looked at a Glamour magazine since my early 20s.

Let me assure you:  Nothing has changed!  (I haven't missed a thing.)

There was a time, long, long ago, when I couldn't WAIT for the newsest issue of Glamour magazine to arrive.  Back in high school and college, I would pour over the trends . . . and the fashion dos-and-don'ts . . . and the hair and  beauty tips.

Get Christie Brinkley's sun-kissed cheeks in 3 easy steps!

Get Cheryl Tiegs' bright eyes in 8 easy steps!

Follow Cybil Shepherd's exercise routine for that natural glow - in 5 easy steps!

I always tried it.  Because . . . maybe THAT was the trick to being beautiful and getting a boyfriend!  (Yes.  I totally bought in to that social construct when I was a teen.)  In the end, I was always disappointed.  Because, no matter how faithfully I followed the steps, I still looked Just Like Me.  (Ultimately, I became Just Fine with looking Just Like Me.  And I got a boyfriend, too!)

So.  Anyway.  There I sat last week.  30 years later.  Waiting.  With my tea and a Glamour magazine.  Turning pages.  Snorting to myself about what a worthless magazine it (still) is.  Laughing at myself for even flipping through the pages.

And then I saw it:  Copy Olivia Wilde's Sexy Smoky Eye in 5 easy steps!  

(Seriously.  Click here.)

I couldn't look away!  Out of a deeply-ingrained curiosity about how-the-beautiful-do-it I checked out the sexy, smoky eye.  And then, well ... you know, I had to try it!  

The very next morning, I assembled my "tools". . .


and launched the 5 easy steps to achieve Olivia's eye!


I had a grand time . . . outlining and blending and shadowing and highlighting.

But after Step 5, you know what?



(Just Like Me.)

Despite the detailed instructions and illustrated how-tos, Olivia Wilde's sexy, smoky eye (I guess she only has ONE) are the exclusive property of Olivia Wilde . . . and her genetics . . . and her make-up artist.  The sexy, smoky eye will remain elusive for regular people.

And I'm Just Fine with that!

Happy Friday!



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YOUR eyes are beautiful and perfect for YOU. That said, I like a smokey eye shadow look and there are tons on pinterest. Naked Palette is great for achieving it, I must say.


You are perfect just the way you are, but that is pretty fun!


You look great! I do however love smokey eyeshadow looks. There's a product I use to achieve smoky(ish) eyes in ONE step. Yes. One.

L'Oreal one sweep eye shadow. It's great!

(Of course, now your blog will probably think this comment is a spam ad or something).


Who's Olivia Wilde?
I like Kym as Kym and Glamour is still around? (Showing my age here.)


I am like Margene: who is Olivia Wilde? And Glamour is still around? Like you, I used to devour it every month; Mademoiselle, too (is that one still around?). The September issue was always the best to me -- all the new fall *looks*. I remember dressing EXACTLY like one of their photos... and still looking exactly like myself, albeit myself dressed like I worked for Glamour.

I love your expression in the last photo. "All that work and I'm still me? Poo. Guess I'll go back to my own routine and save those few extra minutes every morning. "


I'm with Margene and Kat. Who or what is an Olivia Wilde?

I'm kind of surprised that Glamour is still around. They never got it right and always sort of made me sad. Imagine working there...


This post made me smile...and so did the comments about "who is Olivia Wilde". Mother of two 20-something daughters, keeps me in the know on such things (not that any of it matters :-)

I think the best part about getting to our age is that we are free to be the best versions of ourselves...and no one else. That is beauty.

Have a wonderful weekend - and I love the latest manicure!

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