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An Unfortunate Throwback

One year ago today, I wrote this blog post . . . and told you all about Jenny's progress after surgery for a torn cruciate ligament.  

Here's the Throwback photo -- just to jog your memory!


Well.  Guess what?

Jenny is in surgery this morning . . . to repair the torn cruciate ligament in her OTHER leg!

Yeah.  I know.

Almost one year to the day.

We noticed Jenny limping occasionally a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving . . . unfortunately, on her "good" leg.  By Sunday, thanks to a chase with the dog next door, she was totally hobbled.

Here we go again.

(The vet told us last year that there was a 50% chance that she'd tear the ligament in her other knee, so we were prepared.  I just hoped it wouldn't happen.  Y'know?)

Please keep us in your thoughts.  Even though we're prepared and experienced, we have Jo-Jo now.  And that really does present some fresh challenges!

(It's always something.)


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Hugs and pats all around! Poor Jenny, poor Kym and Tom!


Jenny, be a good girl and feel better soon! I know your mom and dad and JoJo will take good care of you, but we all want you to be yourself again as soon as possible.



Having Jenny infirmed will come as a rude awakening for Jo-Jo! Sending good thoughts for Jenny (and you!).


Another recovery with no deck launching and no running? Oh poor Jenny! And you too. And how will Jo-Jo ever understand! A hug for you and pats for the dogs.


Oh boy. I'm so sorry this happened again. Recovery is definitely going to be a whole 'nother ball game with Jo-Jo around. You can do it, though!


Such a sweet face! It's hard to have a sick animal because they don't understand when you complain--lucky that they totally get the concept of love!


Oops, I screwed up--dogs don't understand when you explain!


Lots of positive, healing, patient thoughts being sent to Jenny and the whole family!


Jenny is lucky to have humans how care so much for her.


Crappers! I was hoping this wouldn't happen. My poor Jenny.

Sending lots of love and hoping that Jo-Jo is okay with Jenny being MIA for a little bit.


It is probably much harder to have to go through this a second time. But you will get through it. We are all pulling for Jenny.


saying a prayer right now...for all of you! hope the recovery goes smoothly - after all, you're a pro at this now!!


Oh no! Poor Jenny. Wishing you all the best!

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