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Saturdays are for Puppies: Kickin' Back

It's been a busy week. 

Really.  A hectic, busy week.

But it's over now.  Time to enjoy a nice, slower-paced weekend.  (Yeah, I'm in denial over the holiday stuff coming right up.  But that's okay.  It'll catch up with me soon enough.)

It's easy to get into a slower-paced mood . . . with these guys in my life.


Just sitting with them and petting them makes me feel better.  Saturdays are for puppies . . . and for kickin' back!


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Puppies keep us grounded and they are always happy to see you, spend time by your side, and kiss your face.


Last night I got to cuddle with Kim's puppies and it was awesome - and good for my heart rate, too!

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