Right Now . . . November 2013
Bang! Bang!

Saturdays are for Puppies

A few weeks ago, my parents rescued (literally) a tiny, little dog.


Meet Charlie.  Some sort of shih tzu/maltese mix.  He has completely wormed his way into my Mom and Dad's hearts!

Charlie came to our house for Thanksgiving -- his first real trip to a new house.  And his first introduction to Jenny and Jo-Jo.

There was some concern.

Jenny . . . weighs 75 pounds.


Jo-Jo . . . is closing in on 55 pounds.


Charlie . . . barely moves the scales at . . . 5 pounds!


They could eat him for lunch . . .


But they didn't!  In fact, all three got along very well . . . and especially Jo-Jo and Charlie, who played games in their own puppy way all day.  (Jenny-the-Tolerant mostly pretended they were Not There.)


Puppies . . . are puppies!


And with that, NaBloPoMo concludes.  See you Monday.


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The puppy is adorable... but WHAT ABOUT YOUR MOM'S SWEATER? Deets, please.


Aww...sweet puppy. So nice that everyone got along! :)


What a little cutie! Are you holding turkey in your hand in that last photo? They all look VERY intent!


Puppies know puppies when they sit each other. It's the same with babies. Charlie is a doll and I can see how he could win his way into your heart.


Any of these sweet canine faces could melt one's heart! It brings back memories of bringing our miniature dachsie puppy home--she was barely 3 pounds. We worried about our older, 35 pound dog. Silly us--I have a whole series of delightful photos of the little rascal crawling all over the larger dog, biting his ears and just generally making herself a nuisance. He must have fallen in love just like we did!


Ditto from me about the puppies and YOUR MOM'S SWEATER!


Oh! How cute!!!


Love it! All three of them are adorable.


Little dogs rule---I have a Yorkie, and she weighs just under five pounds. She will be 13 in April. And yes, what is the story on your mom's sweater? It looks like it may be knit from leftover sock yarn. (?)

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