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Right Now . . . November 2013

End of November.

Dark.  Cold.  Thanksgiving's over.

Time to hibernate -- and keep warm inside!

What's happening . . . Right Now?


Watching . . . Time to drag out the Christmas favorites:  Love Actually.  A Christmas Story.  Muppets Christmas Carol.

Reading . . . Nearing the end of Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch.  Donna Tartt certainly writes a good story . . . But.  I always hate her characters!  It's tough for me to LOVE a book when I despise the main character.  (Still. Worth the read.)  I've also just started reading The Aviator's Wife by Melanie Benjamin.

Knitting . . . Working away on a nice, relaxing, rhythmic project (Churchmouse's Easy Folded Poncho).  Just made Brian a hat (details next week).  No Christmas knitting for me this year, and that feels really good!

Listening to. . . Justin Timberlake.  


Planning . . . December.  Of course.

Drinking . . . Tonight?  A nice cab!  (Yesterday?  A little of everything!)


Needing to . . . Get myself on track before December careens out of control ahead of me!

Itching to . . . Finish all Christmas shopping and Put an End to It.

Organizing . . . Final, extensive clearing out of Brian's childhood/high school detritus.  (I've got plans for that room!)

Humming . . .  Lately it's been all Abbey Road.  All the time.


Inspired by . . . A label from a new bag . . .


Delighted by . . .   The bag!

Surprised by . . . How comfortable my new reclining couch is!  I think I could live in it!  (And I am definitely in danger of becoming a tv-watcher, just so I can sit in recline-o-comfort more often.)

How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . right now?



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Loving the long weekend. Cooking, knitting, reading...the good life.
I've loved you daily posts!


Trying to figure out how to decorate the exterior of our new house. It's harder than I expected!
Have a good weekend!!


I've really enjoyed daily reads from you this month...hope December gets off to a great start!


That all sounds good. I need to see pictures of the reclining couch, though.


I'm dragging my feet finishing The Goldfinch as I really don't want it to end! There are some less than savory characters but Theo, Hobie, and even Boris are characters that I will miss. Hope you stay warm, organized, and reclined!


I started The Goldfinch last night. Damn, that Tartt woman is a good writer! 781 pages is a long read, but if the first 50 pages are any indication, I will stick with it. Both of her other books were good, too.

We watched Love, Actually last night. It has become a Thanksgiving tradition in our house, a way to begin the Christmas season.

Have been loving your daily posts this month. Have a great weekend!


Right now? I really need to get a handle on December!!

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