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Oh, we are treading in dangerous waters this week for Ten on Tuesday.  Dangerous waters, indeed.

Yes, my friends, this week Carole has us thinking about sweater-knitting.

If I were wise, I would just back away from this one.

Just turn my head and ignore the topic altogether.

For sweater-knitting . . . is my great weakness.

But.  I cannot look away.


(Two projects; neither a sweater.)


Here goes.

Five sweaters/five yarns to knit them with.


  1. Greenwood.  (I am wanting to cast on for this one in a powerful way.  Right. Now.)
  2. Miss Babs Yowza - Whatta Skein.  (It's right there.  In. My. Stash.)
  3. Warm Wishes.  (I wish I had already knit this one, because I want to wear it today.)
  4. madeline tosh vintage.  (Also right there.  In. My. Stash.)
  5. Antrim.  (I would SO wear this as a layering piece.  Want. It. Now.)
  6. Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran Tweed.  (I happen to have a nice stash of this lovely yarn.  Enough for this.  Like . . . what am I waiting for????)
  7. Tuesday's Child.  (Carol Sunday's designs just inspire me.)
  8. Sunday Knits Nirvana.  (It's all in the name.  Nirvana.  Y'know?)
  9. Ravello.  (How fun is THIS sweater?)
  10. Woolen Rabbit ANYTHING.  (I think I'll have Kim help me choose both yarn and colors for this one!)

And now . . . I can't think of anything but sweaters!  (See?  Danger zone!)


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I can see you in everyone of the sweaters on your list. The age old question always comes to mind when we bring up sweaters..."why can't I knit faster!?"!!


Tuesday's Child is gorgeous! It looks like a fun knit too.


I tried to grab some Miss Babs at Rhinebeck but got so overwhelmed by the crowd. Iv'e heard great things about that yarn.


What's with you and Patty and the fingering weight for a sweater?? I love that Tuesday's Child one, it reminds me of the Vivian I made for Hannah but without the hood and more for a grown up. All that seed stitch, though!


Tuesday's Child! Love it!



I think cardigans is the largest group on my Ravelry favorites...

It took me more than 10 months to sew a huge cardigan I knitted in about 3 weeks....

I think I better leave those cardigans in a favorite status don't you agree?

Or maybe I will knit a seamless one soon!


I'm about 1/2 way through Acer and then want to do Strokkur and then messing around in boats. Just have to decide what yarn to use. But look! So many excellent suggestions! ;)


Change that to messing ABOUT in boats.


Dan-jah zone. I find this hilarious, but since you haven't seen the show...

But what's really important here is that I am amused. :)

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