Throwback Thursday: Thanksgiving - The Early Years
Saturdays are for Puppies: Kickin' Back

Choose . . . to Celebrate

I would maintain that thanks are the highest
form of thought; and that gratitude
is happiness doubled by wonder. 
---- G. K. Chesterton


This week, I choose to celebrate:

  • simple things -- a cup of coffee in the morning, bright colored markers for notes and plans, music on my iPod
  • the end of a very busy week (actually, a very busy three weeks ... but who's counting?)
  • plans taking shape
  • lovely surprise packages in the mail

How about you?



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The simple day to day things are good things to celebrate! Good choices.


May your busy time move into a calming time for the Holidays.xox


Hoping you're getting a break for a bit. I'm celebrating friendships near and far and meeting up with old friends tomorrow! Have a great weekend Kym!


happiness doubled by wonder. gratitude indeed. hope you have a restful weekend - perhaps with a surprise (or two??!!) thrown in?


A weekend away with a dear friend is something to celebrate!

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