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All the Pumpkin Things

I am a fan of pumpkin things.

Pumpkin pie.

Pumpkin muffins.

Pumpkin bread.

Even Pumpkin Spice Lattes.*

(Although . . . some of the pumpkin spice-flavored things border on the ridiculous.)

So I always enjoy this time of year - and trying new recipes for pumpkin fare.

Last night, I tried chicken enchiladas with pumpkin sauce (à la Martha Stewart).


Really a great flavor combination -- pumpkin and jalapeño.


Who knew?


* I think they changed the Pumpkin Spice Latte "recipe" at Starbucks this year, because I really didn't think they taste quite the same this year.


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I'd rather eat pumpkin roasted with maybe just a little salt, pepper and butter than any other way. Although, I must say, enchiladas sound like a tasty way to go.


They totally changed it! The pumpkin spice lattes this year sucked. I was very disappointed, though I still bought at least four of them...just to make sure they were still different tasting.


Pumpkin enchiladas? Unique idea!


If I didn't like Doug so much I'd be coming to live with you! Yummmm.


I love any type of enchiladas!


Enchiladas... with pumpkin? The mind boggles. (We had enchiladas for dinner last night, too, but ours were a more traditional style.)

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