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We tell our kids . . . You can do anything you want!

And we mean it.  We really do.  Because we see The Potential and we know about Chasing Your Dreams and we trust that there will be Really Great Things Ahead for them.

But sometimes . . . reality bites.  They graduate with a neat and tidy degree, all wrapped up and ready to take on the world.  Sometimes, they even get an even neater and tidier Masters degree, even more determined to take on the world.

Sometimes . . . there are bumps in the road.

Sometimes . . . you have to work at Rite Aid so you can pay the rent.

Sometimes . . . you take an unpaid internship - for the experience - and discover there is no desk for you.  And you have to bring your own laptop.  And you have no access to the organization's network.  Or even the internet.  And you also don't even have an outlet to plug your laptop into electricity.  And there really is no direction.

Sometimes . . . you are one-of-two-finalists for position . . . after position. . . after position.  Losing out each time . . . to Experience.

Sometimes . . . you go on an endless stream of seemingly-pointless informational interviews.

It really is a tough world for our kids these days - in terms of getting a job.  A real job.  A challenging, career-focused, full-time job WITH benefits.  It takes a lot of work . . . to find work.  It's discouraging and disheartening and humbling.  And extremely frustrating!

But sometimes . . . the hard work and the time and the hustling pay off.  And the Most Perfect Job just kind of lands in your lap.  Right when you were at the End of Your Rope.


So, Erin.  As you start your new, career-track job today (full-time, WITH benefits!), remember that you CAN do anything you want.  Sometimes it just takes a lot of soul-searching, the ability to dig deep, and the hustle to keep trying to make it happen.

Congratulations, Ms. Editorial Assistant.

Welcome to the world of 9-5!



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She did it! All your worry, all her hard work, every step she took toward reaching her goal and it paid off!! Congratulations, Erin! May you enjoy every minute of your new day.


Congratulations, Erin!! Full-time, with benefits are magic words indeed. I'm so glad you've gained the reward you've worked so hard for, with the added benefit of one less worry for mom!


Congratulations to Erin! Hope she enjoys her work!


I'm so thrilled for her. Your post today gave me goosebumps - the good kind! Kudos to you and Tom for your unfailing support, too.


Congratulations Erin! And like Carole, this post brought tears to my eyes. But a true testament to her parents...she didn't give up!


Yay! Congratulations to Erin! Just proof that hard work, effort and an excellent support system really do work.


Yay and CONGRATULATIONS Erin!! I must admit I was a bit apprehensive scrolling down the post and hoping for GOOD NEWS! (and kudos to your mom for being such an awesome cheerleader!!)


Congratulations, Erin! Good things come to those who wi--, er, work hard. And you did. Happy days!


That's so fantastic! Congratulations!!

Let's hope I'll be writing something similar in a year or so about an art curator. And then in another year about a teacher!

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Congratulations to Erin! (And a bit of a relief to her parents, perhaps...)


Woo hoo!

Congratulations, Erin!


You said it so well in this post and I missed it until today!

So, another belated Mazal tov and good luck (this is better said in both languages for such an occasion!) and I really hope she likes her new job.



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