Color Watch 2013: Oct 11
Same Old Same Old


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I never did believe Thomas Wolfe was correct. You can go home again (and, in many ways, its even better when you do!).


Sweet! I'm glad you got time with Brian and he got time with Jo-Jo!


Oh a boy and his dog. ;-)Nothing better.


It's so nice when those college kids can come home for a weekend. Mine always seemed to bring dirty laundry with them though! ;)


Wow! Someone's been doing a lot of growing.


awwww. looks like therapy for boy AND dog!


We always feed Andrew steak when he comes home, too. (Matthew doesn't much care for meat.) And we have always joked that if we didn't have dogs, Andrew wouldn't come home at all.

Isn't it nice to have him around for a few days, Mom? Give him another hug (and feed him another steak).


Aww, how awesome is an Autumn visit from the offspring? Nothing like a trip home to feel the love. My two were home for our Canadian Thanksgiving and loaded up on leftovers for the trip back (strategic planning on my part.)


Aw. Sweet photo. I'll bet Jenny was at his feet. ;)

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