Little Luxuries
Throwback Thursday: Happy Halloween

Right Now . . . October 2013

The signs are all there: 

  • So dark so much more of the time.
  • Leaves in piles on the road.
  • I'm wearing tights.
  • And shoes.
  • Halloween.


Yep.  October is at an end!

What's happening . . . Right Now?


Watching . . . The sky!  The clouds are so different in the fall than they are in the summer -- and especially now, as the colder days are settling in.

Reading . . . Someone by Alice McDermott.  Also Love, Dishonor, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish by David Rakoff.  Usually, I have one book I'm "reading" and one book I'm "listening to."  This go 'round, I was listening to the Rakoff book.  But.  The narrated version just wasn't working for me (and I really did try) -- but between the lines of poetry, the sparse narrative, and David Rakoff's voice . . . I was just missing too much.  So I gave up and went in search of a copy of the book.  Now I'm "reading" both books.  (And, truth be told, I'm liking Someone a whole lot more.)

Knitting . . . Now that I finished this monster, I've decided to pick up an old project that's been just languishing in my knitting bag for about a year now.  Yes.  I've started working on Leftie again.  I "left" it last November to begin Christmas knitting.  I also wound some yarn last night for an Easy Folded Poncho.  I've been thinking about knitting this one for a long, long time -- and, then, when I saw Mary's earlier this week. . . I knew.  Time to cast on!

Listening to. . . Arcade Fire. (Their new album is really good, even though this video is really lame.)


Planning . . . Starting to get my head around the upcoming holidays.

Drinking . . . Mostly wine.  But on Friday nights, Tom and I celebrate with a wee dram of some Really Fine port.


Needing to . . . Work at obedience training with Jo-Jo a bit more intentionally.  (And with purpose.)

Itching to . . . Re-design ALL the things!  My blog space.  Sections of my garden.  Whole rooms of my house.

Organizing . . . Little bits of spaces here and there.  A shelf.  A drawer.  A cupboard.  (So much more manageable that way.)

Humming . . . Oh, yeah.  You know it!  Doo do doo, doo do do do doo . . .


Inspired by . . . All the holiday recipes and menus in my favorite cooking magazines.

Delighted by . . . Friends who send links . . . like to the 75% off Secret Sale at Kate Spade.  (Oh, double-yeah.)

Surprised by . . . How much MESS two dogs actually make!


How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . right now?




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Oooooooh so many of the same things. Boone is becoming a bit bold in his old age. I must also reinforce, reinforce, reinforce. Or throw him out in that nice fenced in yard! And I love port! Happy Hump Dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


I hear you on all of this. It's dreary here today and November is right around the corner. Time to snuggle up with wool and make our home spaces comfortable and cozy.


I can't believe it's November in two more days! ...and yay for the Folded Poncho; I think it will go quite well with Lefty!


Your list organizes my mind as so much of what you're doing is in my thoughts. I stuck with the narration on David's book as I'd heard this interview with Ira Glass.
I ended up loving the book because of David's voice.
Fall has given us many brilliant days which I'll hang onto as we head into the depths of winter.
I could go on and on and organizing, Lou Reed (oh, how I loved his music), knitting (Leftie's dead-shhhh), and more.


You are wearing SHOES?!? Winter must be coming. ;)
I'm knitting stranded mittens and will be for awhile and reading Sycamore Row.
Love the puppy dog pic...they look so happy!!


I quickly put together a playlist of Lou Reed and Velvet Underground songs in my iTunes when I heard he had died. Played it all day in tribute.


I want to like port, I really do. But it just tastes like raisins to me, and UGH.

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