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Color Watch 2013: Oct 11

Ravelry to the Rescue!

Tom and I headed Up North to our cottage for a quick fall weekend break.  You know . . . get away, see the leaves, run a race, do some fishing.  And while our weekend didn't quite turn out as planned (Ahem.  Understatment.  Car problems - mine.  Doggy diarrhea - Jo-Jo.  Grumpy man - Tom.), it was still good to have a little break (if not stressful on the way home).

I took my knitting.


And on Saturday, after the race, I settled in for a long, open afternoon of nothing but knitting.


I forgot to bring my instructions and - more importantly - my chart.  So all I had was my bag full of yarn and my project.

Really.  I was heartbroken.  I had near-endless of hours of knitting time . . . in the middle of a lace section . . . with no chart.


And then . . . I thought of something!

I had my phone.

I had 4G service.  (Very slow and spotty 4G service, but 4G service nonetheless.)

And the pattern (with chart!) was stored in my Ravelry library!


After a half hour (like I said:  slow; spotty), I had logged on, downloaded, and saved the pattern to iBooks.

Back in business!


Thanks, Ravelry!