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Right Now . . . October 2013

Little Luxuries

I think there really might be nothing better . . . than a day off! 

You know.  That feeling when you wake up on a Monday morning and realize, "Hey! It's a holiday!"  Or when you wake up to lots of snow . . . and a snow day!  Or when you've finally decided to spend one of your treasured Personal Days!


A whole day.

Just for yourself.


What do you do . . . on those special, open days?  Here's what I do:

  1. Wake up late
  2. Have a leisurely cup of coffee
  3. Go for a run - or maybe head to the gym
  4. Take a too-long shower
  5. Knit a little
  6. Read a little
  7. Play with the dogs
  8. Putter around in the house
  9. And the garden
  10. Just recharge and enjoy

How about YOU?  What do you like to do on a day off?


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Exactly what you like to do! Precious little days aren't they?


Unexpected days off are a rarity and I often find myself just wandering around in wonder at the time on my hands and how best to use it. Your list is full of great ideas!


Recharging is exactly how I want to feel at the end of that extra day. And I usually do after some self indulgence!


Yes. All of the above!


Perfect! I love nothing better than to wake up when I'm ready.


Great list! Love it. I loathe waking to an alarm...


sounds wonderful! and I love that leaf that looks like it's dipped in dark chocolate!

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