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As a rule, I never sign up for any of the "mystery" knits that pop up on Ravelry.  Even when I really like - and trust - a designer.  I guess I just really need to see the design first.  To determine whether it's actually a design that would work for me.  And to make the best choice of yarn for the project.  (Although, heaven knows, I've made plenty of wrong yarn-choices over the years.  Plenty!  And always when the design was right there in front of me!)

Anyway.  I don't sign up for "mystery" knits (but I applaud those of you who DO.  Because GO you risk-takers!), but sometimes I choose to knit the pattern after the "mystery" is revealed.

Such is the case with this one . . . Kirsten Kapur's 2013 Mystery Shawl.


As soon as I saw Margene's (and she DID participate in the mystery-knitting, I might add!), I knew I wanted to knit one, too.


I love the simple-yet-elegant lace panels.


And I'm charmed by the alternating stripe panels.

Lace AND Stripes.


Both sides now.


Ravelry details here.

And my most very special thanks go to Kim -- who guided me through my color choices with advice and suggestions and photos.  Her yarn is the absolute loveliest I've ever knit with.  (I'm actually trying to figure out how I can knit only with Kim's merino-cashmere blends from now on. . .)  THANKS KIM!!!





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Lovely! And I do love the color choices! (And Kim's yarn!)


It looks fantastic - the colors are perfect and I love Kim's yarn, too. AND you beat me! Mine isn't blocked yet, never mind photographed!


Lovely! I love your color choices! I always struggle with choosing colors and often wish I had a local yarn shop so I could actually see what I am buying. Your shawl is beautiful, wear it well!


The shawl is beautiful and the colors are perfect! I tried a mystery knit once. Yeah. I never did finish that project...


Gorgeous! You look very happy with it, too! I was burned on my first Mystery KAL, but tried again with one of Kirsten's and loved the project, start to finish. It was the first "lace" shawl I'd ever knit, and her pattern was easy to follow and so fun to knit. I love knitting a mystery! I've found that the trick, for me, is to be wary of those requiring multiple colors -- two is dicey, three is a complete crap shoot that can easily just turn to crap!


Beautiful!! Your colors just sing. This will be a shawl you love to wear!
I trusted Kirsten (and Kim) and knew I could bail if I didn't like the direction of the design(which I did do with another designer).


I love it.


Love! especially the colors, which seem a bit different, yet absolutely perfect for you!


I looked over all those shawls knit from Kristen Kapur's pattern... and decided you made the BEST color choice. It's not easy picking three colors that will work well together in the right proportions, but you (and Kim) did it right.

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