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Embrace the Season

At heart, I'm a summer girl. 

I like the sun and warm air.  I like flip flops and tank tops.  I like iced tea on the patio.  I like sprinklers and lightning bugs and butterflies.  I like the sound of wind chimes and bird song.

I hang on to summer for as long as I can.

But, eventually, even I must accept the change of season! 

(in the parking lot at my gym. . .)

This week, I'm accepting the inevitable.  Fall has arrived.  Here's how I embrace the fall (once I accept that it's here, that is!):

  1. Sipping Pumpkin Spice Latte (skim milk, please . . . but go ahead and add the whipped cream!)
  2. Cooking up heartier fare (bring out the lentils, the squash, and the crock pot!)
  3. Bringing out the mums (decorating my porch and my pots)
  4. Decorating the house (with pumpkins and scarecrows and leaves)
  5. Burning candles (to counter the darkness!)
  6. Hauling out the handknits (it's time!)
  7. Winterizing the garden (shutting off the sprinkler system, bringing in the patio furniture)
  8. Admiring the trees (my favorites are the ones that seem to glow in the dark)
  9. Loading up on apples (especially the Honeycrisp)
  10. Wearing tights and boots (I got them out yesterday, but you can't make me wear 'em yet!)

How about YOU?  How do you embrace the fall?


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