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Color Watch: Nov 1: Wrapping Things Up

Today is November 1.  Time to wrap up the Color Watch for another season.


The leaves are still turning here in my corner of the world, but yesterday's heavy rains and wind will pretty much do them in!  So here's one last look . . . at the colors in my world.

Here is the view from my front porch earlier this week . . .


Here is the view of my neighbor's entryway a few days ago . . .


And here in my own backyard, all the hostas suddenly turned golden.


The entire landscape glows!  (But only for a few days.  Soon those hosta leaves will be mush on the ground.)

Wherever you are, I hope you're enjoying the last of fall's color show.


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Still beautiful but yeah, I hear you - it will all be brown or gone in a matter of days.


Your yard does glow! Our hostas are already smashed on the ground. Tomorrow should be warmer than the rest of the week has been and I'm going to plant bulbs!


Taking the last of it in for sure. Today will most likely do us in. Wind and rain but warm! TGIF my friend!


Oh , how I wish I had mature trees like yours!
Beautiful corner!
Are those hop vines on your arch?
If so, do you use hops?


Love all the natural color! Thank you!


So pretty! But yea...gone soon and to be replaced by brown and then white! o.0


Ooh, I love your fall colors! I wish we could freeze it in time for a few weeks longer. We had a big wind/rain event early Friday morning and lost most of our leaves here in Southern Ontario. Thank goodness for the hostas and the ground cover, though. They keep it going with all the mellow yellows even on the darkest days.


I love that short-lived golden glow period of hostas in the fall. So beautiful.


Our leaves are just starting to turn here.

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