Bring It Inside: Gathering Fall
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Color Watch 2013: Oct 4

Every year, as the leaves begin to turn, I like to keep track of the process with my camera.  So join me this month . . . on my annual Color Watch.


The photos here today are the views I see from various points in my yard.


Watch along with me this month . . .


as the trees in my world . . .


Put on their fall color show!

Happy weekend!


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Our colorful season has been skipped right over as it's now all covered with snow. :( Sadly, the aspens were beautiful just yesterday? Enjoy your days of amazing color.


Ooooh, this will be fun. I was noticing just this week how much our color is really starting to pop. It makes going out for a run that much nicer!


Looks a lot like my area. We are 1-2 weeks ahead of you.


I love watching your fall colors. You have much better colors than we have here. We even planted maples but so far they are green. Last year they went green to bare with no color in between...


New England is rocking the color this year! Waiting and watching with you. ;-)


this is a great idea - look forward to following along! colors are barely starting to turn here...but Karen just dumped buckets of rain and it's cooling off (like into the 40's ... brrrr) so maybe we'll start to see colors now, too.


Our colors are not very vivid this year... I've been relying on the sun to illuminate the leaves!

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