Color Watch 2013: Oct 18
Not Your Mother's Kitchen Cupboard!

Buttoned Up

These days, my garden looks like this:


I think it's lovely, in that end-of-season way.


But it's time to prepare the garden for the dormant season ahead.

We spent a lot of time out in the landscape over the weekend.



(These guys will all come inside to live in my windows this winter.)



(What goes into the yard waste collection; what goes into compost pile.)

Cutting back.

Cleaning out.

Putting away.

Planting.  (Yeah.  I still had some things to get in the ground before it freezes.)

And taking in the spectacular color.


(My dwarf fothergilla.)

Time to get everything all buttoned up for winter.

Because THIS.


(Here it comes.)


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Oh it is coming...winter coat on the dog walk this morning. ;-) Happy Monday!


Nooooooo! I'm not ready! It's not going to be quite that cold here yet, we're supposed to be about 10° warmer than you but still . . . not ready.


There is a certain satisfaction to buttoning up the garden and knowing that it is ready for next spring.
It suddenly turned cold here too. Highs in the 30s and 40s this week. And we had snow on Sunday morning. Brr.


Oy. It's been such and mild & marvelous autumn... hard to believe it's almost November!


whoa! ...and our heat came on for the first time today! hope you've got some warm wooly things to get buttoned up into :-)


We've been up and down but next week we'll have another round of cold and snow. My guess is it will then be here to stay. The high 60s we have now is the lovely gift of Indian Summer. With a big yard like yours there is a lot of work to do. Looks like you had a strong guy around to help!


Oh, yeah, we -- my helpers, actually -- did some of that a couple weeks ago. There is ice on our deck from last Sunday's snow. Brrr.

I hope my garden looks as great as yours... someday :-)


That just doesn't look like any fun at all. I wish I had that much space in my windows, though, that wasn't dominated by ornery felines.

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