Putting It In Stone
Chores: I Hates 'Em!

Right Now . . . September 2013

Z - O - O - M ! ! !

There it went.

September.  Just breezed right on by!


I don't know about you, but that was One. Fast. Month.

Here's what's happening for me . . .Right Now.


Watching . . . Jo-Jo.  Has she peed?  Is she tearing anything up?  Terrorizing toads?  Digging a new hole?  Wading in the pond?  (Again.)  Has she pooped?  Yep.  Watching a puppy is a never-ending job.  And that leaves no time for watching anything else!

Reading . . . Oh, my reading has slowed drastically this month.  (See above.)  I'm still slogging through Paris.  I do like it and feel it's worth the slog; I just don't have much time for reading.  (I did manage to sneak in Louise Penny's latest, though!)


Knitting . . . Right.  Knitting.  Something else I used to do.  (Do you know how tempting yarn is . . . for a puppy?)  The photo above represents the sum total knitting I've finished since Jo-Jo came to live with us.  Not. Much.  (But lovely, non?  It's Germinate from Kirsten Kapur in Lucent, the Most Lucious Yarn Ever, from Kim!)

Listening to . . . Mat Kearney.


Dreading . . . Tom's upcoming stint in Mumbai in a couple of weeks.  I'll miss Tom, sure.  But it means I have Jo-Jo Watch all on my own.  For quite a long time.  And that is a bit intimidating.

Planning . . . What to plant in my new "secret garden" . . . even though it will likely be spring before I actually do the planting.  (Because Jo-Jo.  And Mumbai.)

Humming . . . Brother Louie.  (Don't ask.)


Drinking . . . Wine, San Pellegrino (still), and some wonderful blackerry tea I just discovered.

Itching to . . . Travel!  I wish I had a trip coming up.  (But I don't.  It's definitely time to start thinking about it.)


Needing to . . . Get my closet switched over to my fall/winter wardrobe.  (Even though I will NOT wear socks and shoes yet.  I will NOT.)

Organizing . . . My desk.  (Yeah.  I know.  I'm always organizing my desk.  It's a given.)

Inspired by . . . These adorable ornaments.  I have already decided that I won't be knitting any Christmas gifts this year.  But then, I found these.  I'm thinking they might be kind of fun . . . and the Adorableness Quotient is factoring in. . .


Delighted by . . . My iPad keyboard/case!  Brian found it first, and based on his recommendation, I got one for myself.  It works like a charm!  (I have an iPad mini; they make the case for the regular iPad, too.)


Surprised by . . . I just signed up for my first 5K in 25 years!  (Wish me luck.)

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . Right Now?