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Right Now . . . September 2013

Z - O - O - M ! ! !

There it went.

September.  Just breezed right on by!


I don't know about you, but that was One. Fast. Month.

Here's what's happening for me . . .Right Now.


Watching . . . Jo-Jo.  Has she peed?  Is she tearing anything up?  Terrorizing toads?  Digging a new hole?  Wading in the pond?  (Again.)  Has she pooped?  Yep.  Watching a puppy is a never-ending job.  And that leaves no time for watching anything else!

Reading . . . Oh, my reading has slowed drastically this month.  (See above.)  I'm still slogging through Paris.  I do like it and feel it's worth the slog; I just don't have much time for reading.  (I did manage to sneak in Louise Penny's latest, though!)


Knitting . . . Right.  Knitting.  Something else I used to do.  (Do you know how tempting yarn is . . . for a puppy?)  The photo above represents the sum total knitting I've finished since Jo-Jo came to live with us.  Not. Much.  (But lovely, non?  It's Germinate from Kirsten Kapur in Lucent, the Most Lucious Yarn Ever, from Kim!)

Listening to . . . Mat Kearney.


Dreading . . . Tom's upcoming stint in Mumbai in a couple of weeks.  I'll miss Tom, sure.  But it means I have Jo-Jo Watch all on my own.  For quite a long time.  And that is a bit intimidating.

Planning . . . What to plant in my new "secret garden" . . . even though it will likely be spring before I actually do the planting.  (Because Jo-Jo.  And Mumbai.)

Humming . . . Brother Louie.  (Don't ask.)


Drinking . . . Wine, San Pellegrino (still), and some wonderful blackerry tea I just discovered.

Itching to . . . Travel!  I wish I had a trip coming up.  (But I don't.  It's definitely time to start thinking about it.)


Needing to . . . Get my closet switched over to my fall/winter wardrobe.  (Even though I will NOT wear socks and shoes yet.  I will NOT.)

Organizing . . . My desk.  (Yeah.  I know.  I'm always organizing my desk.  It's a given.)

Inspired by . . . These adorable ornaments.  I have already decided that I won't be knitting any Christmas gifts this year.  But then, I found these.  I'm thinking they might be kind of fun . . . and the Adorableness Quotient is factoring in. . .


Delighted by . . . My iPad keyboard/case!  Brian found it first, and based on his recommendation, I got one for myself.  It works like a charm!  (I have an iPad mini; they make the case for the regular iPad, too.)


Surprised by . . . I just signed up for my first 5K in 25 years!  (Wish me luck.)

How about YOU?  What's happening for you . . . Right Now?


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And just where DID September go? It disappeared in a blink. Maybe Oct will last longer!
The knitting is very pretty. :)


September left me with whiplash! You are going to have your hands FULL! Now that our garden has frozen and the change in seasons jumped right over fall, we're getting ready to put bulbs in the ground. Garlic (Smith's job), crocus and snowdrops. I hope to see see a field of color in my little front garden next spring.


September was a blurrrrrr! Your Germinate is looking great, we are just about in the same spot. And hooray for a 5K! I'm ready to do one again but I don't have anything on my radar just yet. Jo-Jo sounds like a challenge but I bet she's worth it.

Sharon R.

Can you believe that September is over? Never mind September. Where did the whole summer go? Humming Earth, Wind and Fire's September in your honour!


I think Carole and I should come out and run with you. :-)


Do they make Ativan for dogs? ;^)


I was thinking the same thing as Cookie. Seems like the vet could give you something to give that crazy pup when you can't take it anymore.
super pretty shawl!

Diana Troldahl

Which blackberry tea is it? We love teas :-}

Lori on Little Traverse Bay

Since you are still slogging through Paris, you may want to check out The Plucky Knitter's Paris Collection for motivation. Beautiful yarns, fabulous colors, inspired by her recent trip to Paris for a trunk show. And she's a Michigan gal. http://thepluckyknitter.com/

Thanks for the blurb on the iPad keyboard/case. It's a good present idea for my parents.

Hope the lovely fall continues and the rain stays away until you get that puppy housebroken! ; )

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