An Intervention, Perhaps?
Right Now . . . September 2013

Putting It In Stone

Every once in a while, I blog about my One Little Word project.  It's an interesting journey; one I really enjoy.  But.  It's mostly not something I share blog-wise. 

One of the OLW prompts over the summer (I can't quite remember the exact month, now, because after a while, they really do all run together) involved "writing" your word out in the public spaces.

I thought for a several days about how I would DO this.

And then . . . it came to me.

A patio stone!

I'd had this kit for a while.  (At one point, I think I planned to make gifts . . .)


So . . . why not?


I assembled all my stuff one afternoon.


And got to mixing my concrete!


I shaped my patio stone (I used a rectangular form) . . .


and pressed in my letters and some decorative stones.


Fun - and really easy!

Now, all I have to do is place it out in my garden as a reminder of my journey with SURPRISE.


(But I think I'll wait until Jo-Jo is finished with her digging!)


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That came out really great! And what a fantastic reminder of your OLW that will last and last. Excellent!


The stone is a fun way of remembering your year of surprise and joy.


That is very cool! What a clever idea. :D

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