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Fighting It: A Riff


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I almost sent you a picture of Doug's trampled garden this weekend. Aaaack! She sure is cute though!


Puppies are like babies: God makes 'em cute so they'll survive!


Oh no! One of our puppies did that to the couch and the carpet! He survived. ;)


now if only you could tell her where to dig and then you wouldn't need a shovel anymore! :-)


I'm with Mary. If you could channel it, spring garden prep and snow removal would be dead easy.


Oh oh! Naughty puppy! I could use some help like that though...I'm planning on putting in tulips this fall. Maybe send Jo-Jo my way! ;)

Julia in KW

oh yes - I feel your pain! Our first lab was a digger who discovered that there used to be a barn with a burn pit - she would dig down 3-4 feet - and come up all black!


We tell that to our pups and kittehs frequently.

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