A Surprise ... In More Ways Than One
Double the Fun: Twenty on Tuesday

No Doubt

When we first brought Jo-Jo home, she was totally intimidated by her new surroundings and pretty unsure of Tom and I. 

Until she saw Jenny! 

Jenny is the one that enouraged her to step out of her pet-carrier and into the world of Our House.  Jenny is the one that nudged her out into the backyard.

And then Jenny promptly went and sulked in the hydrangeas.


Jenny became The Diva.  She was totally out of joint for a few days.  She ignored us.  She grabbed toys from Jo-Jo.  She ignored Jo-Jo.  She was pissy.

We hoped she'd come around.  Tom had no doubts.  (I didn't really either, but I hated to see her "suffer" -- and I really hated to see her behave so badly.)

Well.  I'm happy to report . . .


that after just a week. . .


they seem to be getting along . . .


and having a lot of fun . . .



No doubt!


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Doggies are very adaptable creatures and, in our experience, figure out a way to be together and happily apart, too. They'll expect love and treats to be dolled out evenly and they will make sure you keep that balance. :)


Happy to see they're finding friendship! So much fun. ;-)


Oh, they are like yin and Yang -complement each other!


Of course Jenny got over her jealousy - you raised her right! Glad they are having fun together now!


Yay! They like each other! Way to go Jenny!
I just realized that now you can have both light and dark colored dog hair in your knitting... ;)


Hah! I blogged a long post today about our dog Misha but forgot to say that she bonded to our Lucy long before she bonded to us. Dogs recognize each other immediately. Glad to see you two having so much fun together!


So sweet! I miss having dogs.

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