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Fighting It: A Riff

  • Really. 
  • Fall is here.
  • My garden is fading.   (The parts not ravaged by puppy, that is.) It's dark earlier at night; it's dark later in the morning.  Orion is in the sky. Some leaves are turning; some are even falling. 
  • (But not many.)
  • (Yet.)
  • Lots of people are talking about football.
  • (Not me.)
  • I'm talking about planting bulbs.
  • (Fat chance, though, with Jo-Jo around.)
  • Yes.  Fall is coming.
  • I, technically, don't mind the change of seasons.
  • And, as far as seasons go, fall is one of the better seasons.
  • (Apples.  Pumpkin-flavored everything.  Winter squash.  Lovely leaves.)
  • But, still.
  • I'm a Summer Girl at heart.
  • And I fight fall. 
  • (Every year.)
  • Still wearing shorts.
  • Still wearing flip-flops.
  • Still leaving my house without a jacket.
  • Still opening the windows.
  • Still wanting my wine on the patio.
  • Still drinking iced tea.
  • Even when it's 48-friggin'-degrees.
  • And you know what?
  • Deep-in-my-bones, can't-get-warm FREEZING.
  • Guess it's time to face reality.
  • (But I don't want to.)
  • I'll drink HOT tea today!
  • (In my flip-flops.  On the patio.)
  • (Wrapped in a blanket.)


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Gloves on the dog walk, and sadly I wore clogs and low socks the other day to work. ;-( Mums are so pretty though!


I'm so with you on this. Today I broke down and wore real shoes for the first time in months. I did NOT wear wool socks, though - I just can't do it yet.


I'm with you in every way! My feet are freezing, but I did put on jeans and bought a new fleece jacket. In my defense, the mountains are colder than the valley. Ice tea in the afternoon, hot tea in the morning. It's the best of both worlds. :) XOXO


Maybe you could plant some bulbs in pots? I know it won't be the same, but maybe it will tide you over til JoJo is a little older. One of the things I enjoy about blogs is reading about weather. I am 60yo, and for the first time in my memory fall actually came on the first day of autumn here in Louisiana. It only got to about 82 yesterday, and it was about 65 this morning. Lovely!!


It was cool here and then warmed up again. It's been the best summer-like weather we had all summer!
So sorry about the bulbs...could you put chicken wire over the bulbs so Jo-Jo couldn't dig there? Is there spray/powder *anything* to deter puppy dog? Bulbs are so nice in the spring...


I wonder if you would feel warmer outside if you were wearing a hat. ;^)

I hear ya, sister. Windows are still open but I wake up every morning freezing and thinking how I need a real blanket on the bed. The last thing I want to do this week is garden clean-up but I don't think I can get away with denying it much longer.


Bulbs!!! I have been thinking all summer about where I would plant bulbs in my new garden, and when fall came I forgot! Thanks for the reminder.

When fall comes, it's... sweater weather! I love that.


Not being a gardener, the one that really gets me is not being able to leave the house without a jacket. No more carefree days....seven more MONTHS of jacket-wearing. At least there's knitting:). And hot chocolate.


this made me laugh...of course I don't get cold anymore like I used to (but it's only been 52 degrees here) I'm usually so ready for fall because summer is just.plain.hot here, but this year it wasn't, and even with one PSL under my belt, I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer yet.


Y'all need to consider wintering in AZ.


Ha! I am so with you. Thankfully, we've had a great week of more summer-like weather... and I hope it's been drifting over the lake.


Oh you are a girl after my own heart...iced tea, flip flops and a blanket...sounds like a perfect fall day!

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