Puppy Love?
Never a Problem

Fighting It: A Riff

  • Really. 
  • Fall is here.
  • My garden is fading.   (The parts not ravaged by puppy, that is.) It's dark earlier at night; it's dark later in the morning.  Orion is in the sky. Some leaves are turning; some are even falling. 
  • (But not many.)
  • (Yet.)
  • Lots of people are talking about football.
  • (Not me.)
  • I'm talking about planting bulbs.
  • (Fat chance, though, with Jo-Jo around.)
  • Yes.  Fall is coming.
  • I, technically, don't mind the change of seasons.
  • And, as far as seasons go, fall is one of the better seasons.
  • (Apples.  Pumpkin-flavored everything.  Winter squash.  Lovely leaves.)
  • But, still.
  • I'm a Summer Girl at heart.
  • And I fight fall. 
  • (Every year.)
  • Still wearing shorts.
  • Still wearing flip-flops.
  • Still leaving my house without a jacket.
  • Still opening the windows.
  • Still wanting my wine on the patio.
  • Still drinking iced tea.
  • Even when it's 48-friggin'-degrees.
  • And you know what?
  • Deep-in-my-bones, can't-get-warm FREEZING.
  • Guess it's time to face reality.
  • (But I don't want to.)
  • I'll drink HOT tea today!
  • (In my flip-flops.  On the patio.)
  • (Wrapped in a blanket.)