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Double the Fun: Twenty on Tuesday


I love to travel -- whether it's for a quick weekend away . . . or for a long-planned trip to some far-away location.


But, at the end of the trip, I am always happy to get back home!  What do I miss about my house when I'm away?  Well. . .

  1. Tom (if he's not traveling with me).
  2. My dogs (if they're not traveling with me.)
  3. The taste of my water.
  4. The water pressure of my shower.
  5. My garden.
  6. A sense of permanence and routine.
  7. My iMac (because once you get used to a 27" screen, there's no going back). 
  8. And reliable wifi.
  9. My gym (even though it's not "home," it's "home". . . y'know?).
  10. A place for everything.  (Well.  Allegedly.)

AND NOW . . . The DOUBLE part!


Because Tom wanted to play along, too.  As you have read here, Tom travels to India quite often for his work.  When he goes to India, he is always, always, always especially happy to return home.  (Not that there's anything wrong with India; just that it makes him appreciate the comforts of home in a whole, new way.)  Here's what he misses about home when he's away . . . in India . . .

  1. Me.
  2. The dogs.
  3. Drinking water out of the tap.
  4. Good beer.
  5. Being able to brush his teeth with tap water.  (Instead of Listerine.)
  6. Fresh fruit.
  7. Clean air.
  8. Sane driving.
  9. Not standing out.
  10. Relentless beggars who touch him.

How about YOU?  What do YOU miss about your own house when you're away?


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Those are almost exactly the same things my husband misses when he's traveling in India (except for you and your dogs!) Just looking at his pictures makes me appreciate all of our comforts of home.

YES! I have finally figured out how to be allowed to comment!

I agree with your and your husband's lists. I always miss home more than I expect to ...


I love that Tom participated this week! You both have excellent lists and I agree with lots of stuff on them, too.


The sense of's always nice to come back to. And all I have to say is poor Tom!


Great lists!
The beggars touch you in India? Oh my.


I wonder how the driving in India compares with Brazil -- Rio, in particular, since that's the only place I've been, but CRAZY/NUTSO DRIVING SKILLZ required!


We traveled for years (although not to far away places like India) and there isn't anything about home I didn't miss. Smith's #1 on the list would be the dog (if I'm with him). He worries the whole time we're away. How fun you both participated this time!


Great lists. I've only been to Canada and Mexico, no beggars but the merchants in Mexico, I can do without.


How good of you to include Tom's list! I cannot imagine spending time in India, although that is becoming The Thing To Do In Business. My accounting firm has many, many of our tax returns initially drafted there, and there are always people from Mpls in Hyderabad and vice versa.

Taste of water -- I hadn't thought of that. Good point.


I love that he played along with you! I miss my doggie so much when we go away. Hopefully he will learn some manners as he grows into an adult and we can take him more places.


tap water to drink is an under-rated luxury isn't it? I love how similar your lists are!

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