P-Update: In Tandem
Putting It In Stone


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Good choice. I'm more of a Luna Uber Roasted Peanut grrl, with Le Croix Coconut.


It's not like you're eating bags of chips or something. Think of all those antioxidants you're getting! P.S. LOVE that song.


Oh my. That sounds so good. The label looks very healthy. Vitamins, antioxidants. Sounds perfect! ;)


I think if I didn't have to cook for anyone else I'd have brownies and wine every night.


Oh one of my BFF's gave me a Kind bar and it was fantastic! (She typed while eating sour cream and onion Pringles and drinking delicious NC Chardonnay...) TGIF my friend!

Diana Troldahl

We LOVE Kind bars. It is such a great and healthy way to have a nibble between lunch and dinner.

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