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While it Lasts

It's been a pretty good year for gardening, here in Southwest Michigan.


We've had a cool summer, for the most part (although . . . not today).


And plenty of rain.

So things have been green . . .


and lush . . .


all summer long.


At this point in the garden season, though, things are starting to look . . . well . . . tired.  Green, yes.  But you can see that the party's almost over.  There's a certain fading that happens in late August; a golden tinge.  Fall is coming.

Over the weekend, I was thinking about some of the things I've enjoyed most about my garden this year.  This year, it's been the little things that have given me the most gardening pleasure.

My little fairy places . . .


tucked away, here and there.


And my hops.  (Which really do grow like mad -- and are actually producing . . . hops!)


And all of the bees and butterflies my garden attracts.


Although I'll be out in the garden for the next couple of months yet, I can feel the changes in the air -- and see them in the green . . . the worn-out and fading green.


I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts!




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Your garden is so verdant! We had to fight to keep ours green as the heat this year was excessive. Everyone is complaining about poorly producing tomatoes (which is true). Fall is coming, as all the greenery is changing. Your sweet hidden little spots are quite charming and would be fun to search for throughout your green, gorgeous garden.


We haven't had much rain this summer and our plants have definitely suffered for it. I know just what you mean about things looking tired. My zinnias are still gong great guns, though.


Love the little fairy touches! This year my garden was was the salad bar for deer. Even though we sprayed the rainfall seemed to wash off just as my flowers bud. At long last we won the battle. We are planning our strategy for next year.


It's crispy brown here and now the temps are in the 90s. o.0
I moved flowers from the old house to a temporary bed here and they seemed to love the change. I didn't have the heart to cut the buds off and now they are blooming their hearts out!
But yours way outdoes anything around here...


It has been a lush summer. Awfully disgustingly hot right now, though. Kinda looking forward to fall.


Things are changing here as well and as Carole said, it's pretty dry around here. And then there's the Boone factor...;-)


vicarious gardening. perfect for me! I really love the fairies!


As a little girl I used to have dreams about fairy gardens that looked like yours -- no doubt due to the picture books I used to read. Really takes me back. Way-y back.


Your garden is so lovely!


Beautiful gardens. I was only able to get tomatoes and peppers in this year. However, we got all of the vegetable gardens dug/prepped/ready for expansion and fruit trees planted. I've already told my husband that next year is for pretty stuff. Now to make trees magically grow and give me some shade like you!

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