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Get Back, Jo-Jo!

Right Now . . . August 2013

My life is off the charts right now . . . when measured on the Craze-O-Meter . . . so it's not a surprise at all to find myself at the end of another month . . . wondering where it went???


Here's what's happening . . . RIGHT NOW.

Watching . . . Nothing.  We switched over to AT&T's U-verse at the beginning of August, and so far, I haven't had the time or the inclination or the brain power to figure out how to use the new system.

Reading . . . Paris by Edward Rutherfurd.  Big book.  Big commitment.  (I'll be there awhile.)

Knitting . . . Not much these days.  My want-to-knit list is growing exponentially and my time-to-knit is shrinking.  (Sounds like a math-y, graphing problem to me.)

Listening to . . . Nothing in particular, everything in general.  Lately, the random-shuffle feature on my iPod and the general, random nature of Pandora suit me just fine!


Dreading . . . Shorter days!

Humming. . .  Oh, man.  You're all going to hate me for even mentioning this one out loud.  But . . . Lady Marmalade.  The original version.  Patti LaBelle.  Here . . . catch the earworm yourself.


Planning . . . My work is All-Planning All-the-Time these days.  My brain is full-to-the-brim with Planning.


Drinking . . . Sanpellegrino.  My favorite is the orange flavor.  But I like ALL Sanpellegrino.

Itching to . . . Just have a couple of unstructured days to relax and not think too hard.

Needing to. . . Sift through my desk at home and take care of loose ends and paperwork.


Organizing . . . Starting to think about the coming change in seasons and what that means . . . in the garden . . . in my closet . . . in my pantry . . . at the cottage. . .


Inspired by . . . Fresh vegetables.  They're everywhere.  They inspire my cooking.  I want ALL the vegetables!


Delighted by . . . My butterflies.

Surprised by . . . Oh, do I have a big surprise coming into my life today!  Big.  Really big.  (And wiggly.)  Stay tuned.


How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . RIGHT NOW?



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Jo-Jo!!!! I can't wait to see!


You're busier than I am, but not by much! I could say 'ditto' to almost all of your list...except the newbie coming to into your life! WOW!!


Jo-Jo! Have a wonderful weekend. I am going to attempt to "pick-up the place" this weekend and enjoy the good weather ahead. Woooo Hooooo!


I almost feel guilty about my two week vacation now that I've read how busy you are. Almost. Seriously, though, in the midst of all of this you are getting a new dog? You are a glutton for punishment! Can't wait to see pictures!


A puppy -- how exciting! But you think you are busy now, just wait...



Sharon R.

Wow! Full to the brim with LIFE! And guess what, I have a few cans of San Pellegino limonata and red orange chilling in my fridge for this evening when I will be adding Vodka and soda water.Delish!


PUPPY!!!!!! (and oh yeah, all that other stuff :-) I'm with you on wondering where in the heck this last month went. seriously. can't wait to hear more about it all - your life is a lot more interesting than mine these days!)


Dude! What does my Jenny think about all that?

Love the flower photos. Think we need pie charts or multi0color graphs or something.



Oh my a puppy!! Someone for Jenny to teach how to dock dive! What fun. :D


I am reminded of a misquote from 101 Dalmatians: "The puppies! The puppies are coming!!" Enjoy the last few days of summer (and the quiet- see first sentence, lol)


Yay Jo-jo! That'll certainly fill up any empty time you had! :)

Have you tried the blood orange sanpellegrino? YUMMMMM.

You're welcome.

As for me/now... dreading taking the girl to the airport on Friday, and also wildly excited to hear from her on Saturday!! Big ol' shifts happening everywhere. C'est la vie!

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