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Get Back, Jo-Jo!

Right Now . . . August 2013

My life is off the charts right now . . . when measured on the Craze-O-Meter . . . so it's not a surprise at all to find myself at the end of another month . . . wondering where it went???


Here's what's happening . . . RIGHT NOW.

Watching . . . Nothing.  We switched over to AT&T's U-verse at the beginning of August, and so far, I haven't had the time or the inclination or the brain power to figure out how to use the new system.

Reading . . . Paris by Edward Rutherfurd.  Big book.  Big commitment.  (I'll be there awhile.)

Knitting . . . Not much these days.  My want-to-knit list is growing exponentially and my time-to-knit is shrinking.  (Sounds like a math-y, graphing problem to me.)

Listening to . . . Nothing in particular, everything in general.  Lately, the random-shuffle feature on my iPod and the general, random nature of Pandora suit me just fine!


Dreading . . . Shorter days!

Humming. . .  Oh, man.  You're all going to hate me for even mentioning this one out loud.  But . . . Lady Marmalade.  The original version.  Patti LaBelle.  Here . . . catch the earworm yourself.


Planning . . . My work is All-Planning All-the-Time these days.  My brain is full-to-the-brim with Planning.


Drinking . . . Sanpellegrino.  My favorite is the orange flavor.  But I like ALL Sanpellegrino.

Itching to . . . Just have a couple of unstructured days to relax and not think too hard.

Needing to. . . Sift through my desk at home and take care of loose ends and paperwork.


Organizing . . . Starting to think about the coming change in seasons and what that means . . . in the garden . . . in my closet . . . in my pantry . . . at the cottage. . .


Inspired by . . . Fresh vegetables.  They're everywhere.  They inspire my cooking.  I want ALL the vegetables!


Delighted by . . . My butterflies.

Surprised by . . . Oh, do I have a big surprise coming into my life today!  Big.  Really big.  (And wiggly.)  Stay tuned.


How about YOU?  What's going on for you . . . RIGHT NOW?