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You know what's fun? 


Nature is fun.  In fact . . .


In my garden, I have a bee house.  (This very one, if you'd like to order one of your own.  And read this to find out why you might want to have one.)


(This is actually my third bee house.  They don't last forever. . .)

It is awesome fun to watch the bee-action in and out of my bee house.

Check this out.


Fun, non?




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adding this to my christmas list - thanks for the link!


The beehives in our garden emit the loudest buzzing sound. I'm never afraid of the bees when I pick squash or beans as they're too busy in the pollen of the flowers. If I had my own yard I'd add a bee house!


Those are some BIG bees! (And I just typed beers instead of bees. Sheesh.)


I need to hang mine!!! So cool though.


quietly reading through my blog feed...and then I get to this post. buzzzz and laugh out loud! fun oui!

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