A Month of Fundays
Not Always Equal


Remember learning about Venn diagrams back in elementary school?  I used to love playing around with them then  -- partly because they made math seem . . . not so much like math!  But I also thought it was interesting to see where seemingly odd things . . . actually come together and share attributes.

Take these two things, for example:


Beer - brewing


Where do they intersect?

Why . . . HOPS!  (Of course.)

Tom and I are very supportive of each other's hobbies.  He has no problem with my yarn stash, for example.  And he is very good at photographing my finished knitting projects.  I help him look for fibers and fly-tying materials -- and I don't mind when he does the "tank test" on new fly patterns right there in our bathtub.  I experiment with my cooking.  He cleans up.  I garden.  He digs.  He makes beer.  I drink it. 

But we found our hobbies overlapping this year, when we decided to plant hops!


Earlier this summer, I found two golden hops plants.  We found and ordered a new wire arbor, decided on a good location, and planted both arbor AND hops.


(You'll have to click to embiggen ... then you can actually SEE the arbor...)

Now, we both delight in running out to see how much the hops have grown each day.


Because GROW they do!

Before you know it, our new arbor will be covered in hops.

So, it's easy to see where gardening and beer-brewing intersect . . .


right there under the hops-arbor!


As for FUN today . . . check out my gardening gloves!


These are great gardening gloves -- lightweight, comfortable, durable, washable - with fingers and palms coated in nitrile. 

And . . . I smile every time I put them on.  Because FUN!


Want to make a Venn diagram of your own?  Interactive link here.





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I love that last photo of you two - definitely FUN loving! Will the hops come back next year or will you have to buy new plants?


Smith will be so envious of your hop plants! You two make a great couple. Love the quintessential picture of your come-together-ness. Your gloves are like a garden party on your fingers!


You guys are so fun! Great pics and I'm sure great beer!


Oh, you two are so darn cute!! Cheers!

Cheryl S.

Glad to see you're both so hoppy.


Excellent collaboration indeed!


You two kids look so good together!


ah yes the math geek in me loves a Venn diagram. I think about a lot of things that way. But never -until today!- did I see a gardening/beer connection. connected hobbies are great for a long term relationship. Happy Weekend!



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