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In my kitchen, I'm surrounded by helpful gadgets.  My Kitchen Aid mixer.  Mr. Coffee.  The food processor.  A submersion blender.  The set of wonder-knives. 


But when it comes right down to it, my Ten Favorite Kitchen Gadgets are the tried-and-true, trusty, everyday workhorse tools.


My favorite kitchen gadgets. . . are these:


  1. Most Excellent Nylon Spoon (from Good Cook, purchased at Target 20 years ago) - This non-descript spoon - probably obtained for less than $5 - is ideal.  So ideal, in fact, that Tom and I have been known to hide it from each other so we can use it when we need it.
  2. OXO angled measuring cups - I have them in a variety of sizes: from the quart-size to the mini-measures (up to 4 Tablespoons or 1/4 cup).  The BEST.
  3. Double-ended measuring spoons - So handy!  You can measure two separate ingredients - one in each end of the spoon.  Plus - the elongated end is perfect for fitting into narrow jars!
  4. Herb scissors - Quick and effective!  (Fun, too.)  Really great for chopping herbs for toppings and making those charming ribbons of herbs.
  5. OXO swivel vegetable peeler - Not terribly swivel-y, actually, but very comfortable to use.
  6. Plain old crank-handle can opener - nothing fancy here; just the basic model.
  7. Microplane rasp grater - I use this way more than I ever imagined! Citrus zest, shaved chocolate, a bit of parmesan.  Perfect.
  8. Plain old wood and/or bamboo spoons and spatulas - I keep a bunch right at my stove and use them all the time. 
  9. Herb chopper - (Actually called a mezzaluna) - My mom got me this most handy herb chopping board and mezzaluna for Christmas several years ago; it is The Best for mincing fresh herbs!
  10. Timers - I use the timers on my stove, my microwave, and sometimes even my iPhone when I'm cooking.

How about YOU?  What are your favorite gadgets in the kitchen?


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Great shots today! And double ended measuring spoons...who knew!


I love your utensil holder! Any chance you could tell me where you got it?


I have a Kitchen Aid mixer and a Cuisinart but I don't consider them gadgets. I guess if it costs more than $100 then it's an appliance or something! Anyway, your list is great and that part about hiding the spoon cracks me up.


an Excellent List! isn't it great that 20+ year old tools can still be favorites. I feel that way about my wooden spoons. They aren't really perfect until they've been used a lot.

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