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Country Roads

Soundtrack today . . .


(This one is from a John Denver tribute album that is totally worth a listen!)

Earlier in July, when I was up north for a week at our cottage, I started to knit a pair of socks for my mom.

She had picked out the yarn (Lorna's Laces Solemate*) and I picked out the pattern.

Not sure if it was the color name of the yarn (Colorado Spruce) . . . or the location . . .


But John Denver's Country Roads started running through my mind.


I finished the socks late last week - up north once again.  And just in time to give my mom when she visited last weekend!

Country roads . . . take me home. . .

Ravelry details here.


*  I can't wait to find out if the Solemate . . . really does have "built-in climate control!"



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Those socks are beautiful and so is the setting. Thanks for the album link, too. I'm a big John Denver fan. Yes, that makes me a dork but whatever!


I'm quiet curious about Soulmate, too! Keep me posted. The socks worked up quickly and they look SO cozy!


I'm a John Denver dork too! Love everything about this! Sock wearing weather brings such mixed emotion. ;-)

Bridget Clancy

This does a native West Virginian's heart good. :-)

LOVE the socks!


LOVE the socks. I just finished my very first pair of socks and am looking for another pattern. Could you tell me what pattern you used for these?


Those socks look so cozy! Thanks for the album link... sounds like a cool project and I can't wait to have a listen!


Tell your Mom inquiring minds are clamoring to know if Solemate really works. My personal thermostat seems to have broken and some Goldilocks socks (not too hot, not too cold, but just right) would be perfect!


Love the country picture and the cozy looking socks. Just read about the yarn...I wonder how/if that will really work.../scratching head...


The socks look cozy and perfect for Fall. I could use a pair of socks that act like a thermostat, so I am curious to hear how they work out for your Mom!


Great socks!

Diana Troldahl

I love those knit/purl sock patterns. I made a pair of Cinder Block socks for Oscar a few years back, perfect summer knitting.


John Denver is a favorite (of course, Wyoming!) but I hadn't heard of this tribute album - will definitely check it out. LOVE the socks, and the scenery... and your mom is a lucky girl to get them!




Curious to know how that Outlast lasts. 😉 Pretty socks and woods.

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