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Throwback Thursday: Mucking About

This last weekend, as I was deadheading and weeding in my garden, I started thinking back to my First Attempts at gardening. 

Those First Attempts . . . were mostly Not Successful.  (I've learned a lot over the years.  Mostly through trial and error.  Heavy on the error.)

But one thing I was really good at - right off the bat - was growing vegetables.  (Turned out . . . it wasn't me, though.  I just lucked on to some incredible soil in my first vegetable garden!)

I had always dreamed of having a garden.  As a little girl, I used to love to pull weeds with my Mom in her flower beds.  I liked seeing the bees hovering over our bridal wreath spirea in the front yard.  I liked watching the Illinois corn grow higher and higher through the summer.  I knew that someday I would have a garden and grow my own stuff.

And, after years and years of "apartment gardening" (houseplants, pots of herbs, terrariums), Tom and I bought our first house in 1987 -- in Hudsonville, Michigan.  What I didn't realize right away. . . is that our property was right in the middle of the most incredible soil ever:  Muck!  (In Hudsonville, famous for onions and celery, the muck is from the old Grand River bed.  But, trust me, pretty much EVERYthing grows in that muck!)

Here I am in 1988* . . . in my First Ever Vegetable Garden.

Scan 3

It was fabulous!  Everything grew.  Everything thrived.  Everything was incredible!  (I thought it was me.  It wasn't.  It was the muck!)

Scan 2

(The hair.  Oh good lord . . . the hair.)

Scan 4

I'm not so much into the vegetable-growing these days.  But it sure was fun (and easy!) back in the muck fields!


* Life was so very different Back Then.  In 1988 I was working as a CPA for Ernst & Whinney in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  We had two cats (Jelly and Jambo), but no kids.  I drove a Mazda.  I played in a golf league.  I read all the time, but hadn't picked up knitting needles in a decade.  And I remember being very excited about my NEW CD player.


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Memory lane is a fun place to stroll! How fun to have pictures of your first garden. We all had big hair back in the day!


I like this throwback idea. Hmmmm.


Love it! And the hair... Margene's right, we all had big hair!!

Cheryl S.

Your veggies did look awesome! I think I need some of that muck.


that garden reminds me of the ones my mom grew. The hair ... looks like mine did :-)


The soil at our first house was pretty darned good, too; previous owner (for 27 yrs!) was a gardener. Imagine my surprise when the annuals I planted at the next house did not thrive the same way. Trial and error, yup.

E&W, huh? I started with TR&Co, now DT. The Eight are now The Four, or is it Three?

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