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A Month of Fundays

Right Now . . . July 2013

End of July.  Who would've thought that I'd be wearing wool socks at the End of July?  But I was . . . last weekend.  It was unbelievably cold. 


The calendar says it's the End of July.  Here's what's happening for me . . . Right Now!


WATCHING . . . Orange is the New Black (Netflix original series); I declare this one Totally Worth My Time.

READING . . . Constellation of Vital Phenomena by Anthony Marra (this one is so good and so wonderful that I'm savoring slowly) and The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy (funny; really, really funny in a delightful kind of way).  Reading is overwhelming for me right now -- because there are so many books I want to read!  The Booker Prize longlist was just announced . . . sigh.  (I've already read Some of Them, but I want to read All of Them.)

KNITTING . . . I just finished a shawl, and I really ought to finish up some projects that have been hanging around.  And I've just started the second sock (of a pair) for my mom.  But I'm hankering to cast on for another shawl.  This one, in particular.  Love it.

LISTENING TO . . . A friend who recently traveled to New Orleans got me hooked on Tanya & Dorise -- street performers she found in the French Quarter.  Love them.  (I have a couple of their cds on order.)

DREADING . . . Car shopping.  But it is essential.  Tom's car (a beloved 2000 Subaru Outback) has just been given the dreaded "terminal" diagnosis.  It is time.

HUMMING . . . Kid Rock.  All Summer Long.  All day.  (I totally blame Carole.)


CELEBRATING . . . Erin's move to a new (and safer!) apartment in Pittsburgh.  Tom and Brian are there now, helping Erin and Keith with the heavy lifting.


PLANNING . . . My Secret Garden!  Work continues.

ITCHING TO . . . Do some sewing.  I recently found a dress pattern that looks especially promising (Vogue 8786) and some great fabric.  Time to fire up the Viking!


DRINKING . . . Cold Brew tea!  (At least, I WAS drinking it . . . until the cold snap last weekend!  Then I jumped right back to my standard, hot tea.)  I didn't expect to like cold brew tea -- but it's GREAT!  So easy and fast!

NEEDING TO . . . split up and transplant some overgrown perennials in the garden.

ORGANIZING . . . My new office space at work (I just moved into a new office; still freezing cold) AND I got a new office laptop.  Much organizing to be done!


INSPIRED BY . . . A Month of Fundays . . . A silly headline I saw recently in a magazine (the grocery line was long and I was doing some browsing).  I've been thinking about how I can have my own "Month of Fundays" -- and I'm inspired!  (More tomorrow.)


DELIGHTED BY . . . My bee house. . . and all the crazy, egg-laying, bee-nesting activity going on there.

How about YOU?  What's going on for YOU . . . right now?