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Oh, Baby! It's Cold . . .

Travel back in time with me today . . .


My office at work is a very cold place. 

Because air conditioning.

Ice box cold.

Cold-as-ice cold.


I try to dress in layers.  I try to remember to bring a shawl.

But sometimes, when it's really hot and humid outside, I forget to bring one for inside.

And then. . . I fffffreeeeeze.  All day.


So I decided I needed an Office Shawl.

One that would go with anything.

One that wouldn't look like a winter scarf.

One that I could leave in my office.

For . . . whenever I needed an extra layer of Merino Wool Goodness.


So I joined Kirsten's TTL Summer Shawl KAL * and knit up some insulation!


I think this will get me through the rest of these ffffreeezing cold summer days.

Ravelry details here.


* There's still plenty of time to join the TTL KAL.  Check out the link above and sign up!