Oh, Baby! It's Cold . . .
Right Now . . . July 2013

Beach Songs . . . from the Way Back Machine


When I think of "beach music" . . . I think back to my teen-age days . . . about "laying out" in the sunshine . . . slathered in Baby Oil . . . on my family's cement slab of a patio . . . with the radio blasting. 

My "beach music" was never at a beach, though.  Heck.  I lived in Wyoming back then.  Not a lot of beach!

Today, as Carole has us thinking about our Favorite Beach Songs, I offer this list:  The radio playlist of my high school, sun-seeker days; the days of Baby Oil and portable radios.  The songs that will always, always take me back to that hot, slab of cement.  My beach.

Pass the Bain de Soleil, would'ja?

(NOT Wyoming. . .)

1.  Carole King - It's Too Late


2.  Elton John & KiKi Dee - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart


3.  Alice Cooper - School's Out


4.  Seals & Crofts - Summer Breeze


5.  Fleetwood Mac - Dreams


6.  The Eagles - Hotel California


7.  Starland Vocal Band - Afternoon Delight


8.  War - Summer


9.  Steve Miller Band - Jungle Love


10.  Chicago - Saturday in the Park


How about YOU?  What songs take you right back to the beach?


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I love your list!


Afternoon Delight. Heh. We used to mix baby oil and iodine and then lay out with a sheet of aluminum foil. Oy.


Summertime Blues, Hot Fun in the Summer Time...we're a little different era, but music from the teen years is the most influential music of our lives!


Throw in something by CCR and I'm good!!


I love that you included Alice Cooper's School's Out! LOL


Afternoon Delight! We'll have to watch Ricky Bobby when we meet! ;-)

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