Right Now . . . July 2013

A Month of Fundays

Okay.  So earlier this week I was in a long-ish line at the grocery.  I grabbed a magazine to thumb through while I waited.

This headline immediately caught my eye.


A Month of Fundays.

Right there on page 114.


I loved it!

I bought the magazine.

And then, when I got home, I was horribly disappointed to find out that when I turned to page 114, A Month of Fundays . . . was a beauty calendar!


Yes.  This magazine's idea of a Month of Fundays amounted to suggestions of various beauty products or beauty regimens to try . . . every day of the month.

Not what I was expecting.  Not what I am interested in.

But, still. . . I was inspired.

A Month of Fundays.

Maybe it was the fact that it's felt more like fall than summer around here lately.  Maybe it's just that the summer is speeding along much more quickly than I'd really like it to.  Maybe I'm just ready for some FUN in my life.  But this notion of a Month of Fundays really appealed to me.

I kept thinking about it.

I was inspired by it.

So I'm going to give myself a Month of Fundays.  Not a big deal.  No rules.  No expectations.  I'm just going to look around me . . . for FUN.  Maybe I'll do fun things.  Maybe I'll read fun stories.  Maybe I'll plant something fun in my garden.  Maybe I'll make something fun.  Maybe I'll just . . . notice . . . FUN things.

I'm not really sure what will come of this.  But I'm declaring August my Month of Fundays!

Today, my bit of fun is this . . .


A new pair of cheaters . . . with purple edges.  Mostly only noticeable in certain lights or at certain angles.  But when the light shines just right . . . they are Very FUN Glasses!



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I love this and I thought about it all day yesterday after reading your post. The whole day was spent noticing the fun things around me. Even the clouds were having fun! Maybe I should do this in the dark days of winter. Could January we full of Fundays? :)


I have been finding myself with a growing fun deficit lately, to the point that sometimes I'm not even sure what I should do to increase my fun. Your Month of Fundays is so much better than a beauty calendar and I'm REALLY looking forward to your FUN things. Great start with the glasses!


I love this idea and, while I'm usually pretty good at finding the fun around me, it's never wrong to be more mindful of it! Our two week Cape Cod vacation is later this month and I'm betting that will be very FUN!


If that's the magazine I'm thinking of, it's always a disappointment.

While still uncertain on the meaning of the word "fun", I love your idea. Looking forward to seeing what all you come up with this month.

Cheryl S.

I'm sorry you got sucked in by a misleading article. But look what it led you to! I'm looking forward to hearing about your fun.


What an excellent idea. I'll be focusing on fun as well. ;-) Starting with a camping trip to the Cape tomorrow!


I love this idea!
We're gonna go watch a funny movie this weekend and have ice cream too!

Thanks for the inspirations!

Sharon R.

I'm intrigued! I look forward to reading about your fun journey. Off to a nice start: Loving the purple specs!!


Hmmm, fundays. August is my birthday month, it deserves to be full of fun, too!


Fundays sounds inspired to me (I might play along a time or two) And I love those cheaters!


FUN!! Love your cheaters... I could have fun buying those! As it is, I wear glasses all the time, and my current pair have purple, pink, copper & bronze bits... very surprising... and FUN!

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