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Right Now . . . June 2013

Throwback Thursday: About the Limes

The other night, I was making a lime sauce for the fish tacos I was preparing for dinner.  I sliced open the first lime . . . and memories flooded in!  (It happens every time I slice a lime.)


When I was a kid, I never saw a real, live lime.  Oh, I had lime flavored things all the time: lime Kool-Aid, lemon-lime suckers, Sprite, lime popsicles, lime jell-o.

But no real limes.

Until the summer I was 16 . . . and I got my first real job . . . at Dairy Queen.


After learning how to perfect my DQ Swirl (really; for the first several days of my employ, all I did was practice the swirl), I moved on to making all the other DQ treats:  the Banana Split, the Hot Fudge Brownie Delite, the Peanut Buster Parfait, the Mr. Misty Freeze (this was in the pre-Blizzard days).  The thing that always delighted customers most, though, was when we turned the ice cream upside-down to coat it in chocolate dip.  Pure magic!

Anyway.  We also served fresh limeade at my DQ.  Simple recipe:  2 limes, 2 squirts of sugar syrup, and soda water.  So tasty!

The first time I made a limeade at DQ . . . and I cut into those limes and squeezed out the juice . . . I thought I'd gone to heaven!  The lime smell was fabulous!  I used to get so excited whenever someone ordered a limeade -- and I could cut open those limes again.

Goofy, I know.

And even though it was a crappy summer job with long hours and very little pay and I mostly hated it . . . today, almost 40 years later, I go right back there every time I slice open a lime!  Back to being 16 in 1975:  working on my tan . . .listening to the radio (Someone Saved My Life Tonight . . . Jive Talkin'. . . Black Water) . . .getting my driver's license . . .swim team . . .watching The Soaps with my sister. . . hanging out with my friends . .  all from that heady, summer-y scent of fresh limes!

Yeah.  When it comes to remembering 16, nothing does it better for me than . . .





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Scents can trigger amazing memories. I love fresh limes and right now they make me feel like I'm in Mexico again.


My summer job was at the A&W...same thing! FRESH limeade, there was NOTHING like it. I drank one the whole time I flipped burgers in the back kitchen (hated that job). It was my favorite drink during my high school years. I still love a drink made with lime. Thanks for the memories, Kym!


The smell of limes takes you back to being 16 and the smell of Off bug spray takes me back to being 17 and having a new boyfriend. (We spent a lot of time outdoors.) It's like rushing backwards through a time tunnel. Sweet memories!


Thank you for your post. It's wonderful now to look back on our summer choices. You've invoke those limeaides so well I might just have to try making on in my own kitchen this afternoon. It's suppose to the calaboration do this evening with bar-b-que. If things go well I could brind limeaides to the do. A way to avoid the beer I'm allergic to. By offering something else summer.

Cheryl S.

That's a great memory.
I loved those chocolate-tops!


Oh, man, I used to *LOVE* Mr. Misty! There was a DQ within walking distance (if we hustled) of my junior high -- and, apparently, "closed campus" hadn't been invented yet -- and Mr. Misty made a great lunch. :)


Maybe when we meet we can borrow a big old station wagon and drive around and play Someone Saved My Life Tonight full blast! ;-) Great post and wonderful memories. I need a brazier burger now.


awww sweet memories! I'm amazed how much of what I now consider "normal" groceries didn't exist for my childhood - Greek yogurt? Fresh Parmesan? Baby greens and romaine?

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