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Ten on Tuesday Meets Throwback Thursday: Games People Play


This week's Ten on Tuesday topic is a tough one for me . . . and, pretty much, I'm going to have to take a pass.  Because this week we're talking about our Ten Favorite Backyard Games.  And, really, I don't have ten!

In fact, I only have . . . two.  And I blogged about one of them yesterday!

So. What to do?

I decided to combine a couple of blog post themes!  Join me today for . . .

Ten Two on Tuesday/Throwback Thursday Tuesday!

1.  Croquet

As you already know, in my family we play an Annual Father's Day Croquet Tournament.  It's the only time we play croquet!  But we've been doing it since 1995.  (I'd show you the photo, but it's pre-digital and I'm too lazy to scan at the moment.)

Back in 2003 I got my first digital camera.  Just in time to capture the Father's Day Croquet Tournament!


We used to always do a group shot at the end, holding our fingers up to indicate our "place" in the tournament. Looks like my Mom was the champion - back in 2003! 

(So funny . . . back in 2003!  Different town.  Different house.  Different dog.)


Some things never change, though!


(Brian was just finishing 5th grade.  He was 11.)

In 2004, we played our first Croquet Tournament in our current location.  Looks like we started things off that year with a group cheer!


And back in 2005 . . . I won!  (It's the only time in the history of our Tournament that I have even come close!)


Really.  Some things never change.


(Not counting hairstyle and landscaping, of course!)

2.  Horseshoes

At our cottage, we have a horseshoe pit.  While we don't play on an annual basis, we do play horseshoes MUCH more often than we play croquet!


Apparently, though, I don't photo-document the horseshoe action very often.  So enjoy these throwback photos from horseshoe games in years-gone-by!

Here's Brian . . . back in 2005.


He would've been between 7th and 8th grade.

In 2006, my sister and her husband came for a visit to our cottage.  I seem to remember a lot of horseshoes . . . and a lot of beer.


Here's my Dad . . . showing his form!


Tom. . . looking for that ringer.


Close call?


Whether you play ten backyard games - or two - it's really all about the fun of being together and sharing an afternoon!  I treasure these times with my family.

How about YOU?  What are your favorite backyard games?


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Horse shoes is my favorite, probably because it involves drinking BEER! Love all your photos and seeing the different hairstyles is a hoot. Maybe that could be a Ten on Tuesday topic - 10 different hairstyles you have had. Hmmmm.


I'm so glad that you were elevated on the champion's stand when you won! I loved these photos! What fun!


I haven't had a backyard in 40 years, but when I was a kid we played crochet all the time. It's such a great game. My grandma had a horseshoe pit at her cottage and played almost constantly. I never did learn as, at the time, I couldn't even pick up a horseshoe. It's easy to see the fun and comradery your family enjoys when playing!


I logged a lot of croquet and ice tea drinking time in my youth. I've threatened to buy at set for years...big cookout this weekend...could be the time!


I played a lot of croquet with the kids across the street growing up. It is a fun game!


i play neither of these games but i love your pics! what a great time and wonderful images of family unity <3


Love your photo documentation! Wish I remembered to use the camera more often!

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