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Sharing Space

My yard . . . supports a lot of wildlife.  Right now, we're sharing space with several bird families.

We've got a family of sparrows tucked into this nest under the eaves.


Originally, it was a robin's nest.  But they abandoned their yet-to-be-completed nest when they realized our patio is actually a Very Busy Place.  The sparrows moved in less than an hour later!

There's a finch family living in this Boston fern hanging on my patio.


You can't see the nest, but every time I water the plant, Mama finch flies out in a huff!

Another finch family just moved out of the Boston fern on the left -- this one on my front porch. 


I think of it as "graduation."

There are robins in the hawthorn.


I found the telltale blue eggshells under the tree.

And there are blue jays in my arborvitae.


And, of course, I got caught with finches in my Christmas wreath again!


At least it's a fake this year . . . but, still.  Maybe some year I'll remember to take down my wreath in a timely manner.  Like. . . before the finches move in!

Click to embiggen.
The baby finches are getting big -- nestled in with the bird poop plastered to my front door!

In the meantime, just know that I'm happy to share my space . . . with the neighborhood birds!


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We usually have cardinals nesting in our lilacs although I didn't see any evidence of that this year. Baby birds crack me up, they are ALL beak!


I've not seen any nests yet this spring! But I did hear the orioles singing so I know they've set up shop somewhere near by!


You must be doing the gardening right for all the birdies to take up residence there. What fun! :)


This makes me want to say, "Bird By Bird." Applicable to a lot. Also, a good book by Anne Lamott. Chirp!


Your neighborhood is going to the birds! What fun to watch the families grow, play and to hear them sing!


And that's only the birds. ;^)

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