Looking Back, Heading Forward

Sharing Space

My yard . . . supports a lot of wildlife.  Right now, we're sharing space with several bird families.

We've got a family of sparrows tucked into this nest under the eaves.


Originally, it was a robin's nest.  But they abandoned their yet-to-be-completed nest when they realized our patio is actually a Very Busy Place.  The sparrows moved in less than an hour later!

There's a finch family living in this Boston fern hanging on my patio.


You can't see the nest, but every time I water the plant, Mama finch flies out in a huff!

Another finch family just moved out of the Boston fern on the left -- this one on my front porch. 


I think of it as "graduation."

There are robins in the hawthorn.


I found the telltale blue eggshells under the tree.

And there are blue jays in my arborvitae.


And, of course, I got caught with finches in my Christmas wreath again!


At least it's a fake this year . . . but, still.  Maybe some year I'll remember to take down my wreath in a timely manner.  Like. . . before the finches move in!

Click to embiggen.
The baby finches are getting big -- nestled in with the bird poop plastered to my front door!

In the meantime, just know that I'm happy to share my space . . . with the neighborhood birds!