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Right Now . . . June 2013

Oh, how can it be the end of June already? 



I feel like much of June has been wasted with work.  (But not really.  Deadlines just make it feel that way.  Y'know?)


Here's what's going on for me . . . RIGHT NOW.

WATCHING . . . Are you kidding me?  Truthfully, I watched a few bits of the Stanley Cup playoffs, but other than that, I haven't watched television (or a movie) in months!  (I did watch fireflies in my backyard last night, though!)

READING . . . Even my reading has slowed to a snail's pace these days.  I'm in the middle of Transatlantic by Colum McCann.  So far?  Looking good.  I've just started listening to White Dog Fell From the Sky by Eleanor Morse, but it's too early to weigh in at this point.  I've recently become a regular reader of The New Yorker, too.  (I used to pick up a copy once in while, but lately . . . well, Margene got me hooked.  I finally subscribed and can read it right on my iPad.)

KNITTING . . . Let's not even go there.  I haven't knit in weeks.  (I'm pretty sure that between the Not Knitting and the slowed reading pace, my life has become completely discombobulated.  I will attempt to rectify this over the next week.)  What's on my needles?  Well. . . this summer top (nearly finished, but not quite).  And I just signed up to knit this for the Through the Loops Summer Shawl KAL.  (I can never resist the call of lace in the summer, and Kirsten's designs are The Best.)


LISTENING TO . . . All of my favorite git-r-done music:  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stone Temple Pilots, Jack White, the Black Keys, Foo Fighters, and - of course - my go-to-in-a-crunch Pearl Jam.

THINKING ABOUT . . . Deadlines, attachments, letters of support, and case statements.  (July 1 is almost here, though.  Just sayin'.)

DREADING . . . Well, really nothing right now.  I'm already In The Thick Of It.  Not much more can shake me at this point.

HUMMING . . . Thriftshop.  Macklemore.  (This is fucking awesome.) 


(Sorry.  Can't make it fit.)

PLANNING . . . What to take on my week Up North.  Because the tide is changing.  And I'm cottage-bound for a whole week!

CELEBRATING . . . Getting everything done.  And . . . Vacation. Starting. Tomorrow.

DRINKING . . .  Yes.


ITCHING TO . . . Knit.  Read.  Just be.

NEEDING TO . . . Get caught up - at least a little - with LIFE around me.

ORGANIZING . . . (Are you kidding me???)


INSPIRED BY . . . Ice pops.  I saw this recipe in a magazine and I've been thinking about making ice pops ever since!  (I need an ice pop mold first, though.  Because it might be the cutest part.)


DELIGHTED BY . . . My new Not Crocs.  Kind of like Crocs.  But Keens.  And cooler.

How about YOU?  What's happening for you RIGHT NOW?


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You deserve some getaway time, but I have a feeling you'll be working hard during your first week at the lake.
At this moment life is coming to a screeching halt because of record breaking heat. 104, bone dry, blast furnace, heat. Your lake would be a lovely place to be! Cool shoes!


I've been singing that tune a bit too! Yay for the lake and getting away. I'm in year end mode here and anxiously awaiting the slow down next week. Here's to drinking!


Your vacation is going to be JUST what you need. Those new Keens are bomb!


Thug Kitchen had a couple good ice pop recipes recently. And Think Geek has popsicle molds in the shape of light sabers, and they make yer Popsicles light up.


Wishing you an amazingly terrific vacation, full of fun, knitting, reading, drinking, and ice pops. Maybe you can even partake of some of those simultaneously for extra bonus fun! Those Keens are really keen, so now I'm off to look for some of my own.


I hope the weather cooperates and is wonderful for your time at the lake. I think I'm going to the office this morning and doing statements and then I might head over to the new house and start cleaning.
Have a good weekend!

Nancy Richter

New to your blog, thought I needed to post. Enjoy your pictures and sense of humor. Your projects are gorgeous and your selections are similar (in fact several the same) as mine. I'm a Chicagoan transplanted to Holland, MI. Love both for different reasons.


Third time's the charm! Stupid iPad and feedly and leaving comments! Hope you're having fun at the lake!


Oh, those SHOES! Those SHOES are fucking awesome! (Love Macklemore.)

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