Wise Words

Just Look At Them and Sigh. . .

A little CSNY to get your day started:


We had a full house last week!


Erin (and her Keith) came home for a visit.  We celebrated Erin's birthday.


And Father's Day.


Erin ran in her first 5K -- with her own personal cheering squad!


It was wonderful to have her home for a while.


I miss having her around . . . but I know she's happy in her own life, independent (well, except for the financial part) and growing into her own space.

The way it's supposed to be.

Teach your children well . . .

And know they love you!


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She looks happy and healthy and that's all we want, right? It must be hard to have her far away, though.


Nice! And nice that they got to do that together...3 miles can be a lonnnnng way!


Right on the nose. You chartered her course and she took off into a sea of her own. Well done, Kym!!


Yep. Looks like everyone had a great week -- I see nothing but smiles and funny faces!


Happy Birthday, Erin!
Looks like a good time...made even more special by the fact that you don't see each other very often.
Does your house seem especially quiet and empty after they leave, like ours does when everyone goes home after a visit?


Plenty of happy, smiling, family pictures is just what I needed to see. I'm spending the summer helping my son get ready for a move 1700 miles away to CO. I really hope he'll be as happy in his own life and grow into his own space as well as Erin has!

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