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Dock of the Bay . . . OR . . . The Story of the Traveling Socks

As a tourist in San Francisco, there are certain things you hear over and over and over. 

Cable cars travel at 9 1/2 miles per hour - up and down hills.

The importance of Van Ness Avenue.

The location of the "Mrs. Doubtfire house."

Where O.J. Simpson went to high school.

The exact location of Steve McQueen's Bullit car chase.

And this song . . .


It's no surprise, then, that I've associated this pair of socks . . .


with the Dock of the Bay!


And while they didn't start out to be traveling socks . . .


they turned out that way!  (After all, I cast on for them to knit on the plane on my way to Salt Lake City - way back in September - when I visited Margene.  And I cast off on the plane on my way home from San Francisco.  These socks have seen a lot of miles . . . and no one has even worn them yet!)

Enjoy some other views . . . from the Dock of the Bay.






(All photos shot from Fisherman's Wharf.)

(Ravelry details here.)



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Wow, a finished pair of socks! They are awesome and well traveled, too!


Your socks are better traveled than I! The socks look fabulous (LOVE the color). You've whetted my desire to travel to SF again. I'd love to be sitting on the dock in that bay.


What wonderful memories you'll have when you wear those socks! Love it!! :D

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